Kristin Lee Hallenbeck (born December 28, 1983) is the mom of Jordon and Jaydon and daughter of Patricia and Cliff.

She was very ungrateful and took everything for granted. She was also very lazy at home even if she has a job. Instead of acting like the boys' mother, she stepped back and let Patricia do the parenting. Her son Jordon knew that she doesn't care.

She is notable for her rude, impatient behavior when Jo took her to visit a local homeless shelter. In spite of Candace Sherwood's efforts to make her more appreciative, she didn't understand why Jo thought this was a good idea, and thought it was a waste of time.

Her surprise decision to move to Colorado with the boys toward the end of this episode is another example of her self-centered behavior (though it also suggests Kristin clearly understood she needed to untie herself from Patricia's apron strings in order to become the mother her boys needed).

She was 25 years old at the time at her appearance at Supernanny and will be 35 in 2018.


  • "Now, you can go straight up to your room and put your pajamas and now you have go to bed because you were instigating your brother to call names when you knew it was not allowed."
  • "JORDON!"
  • You are not allowed! Out of your room! You're not gonna spill water! You stay in your room! I am done!"
  • "I know that people don't have as much as me, but I don't think it was necessary for me to have to go through like the homeless shelter"
  • ”You’re gonna get another minute!” (To Jordon, after he says, “I don’t care you idiot!”)
  • "Because you're using bad words and you're calling names and that's not okay."
  • "I put you in time out-"
  • "I already gave you a warning."


Kristin's Facebook page - Her last name is now Gutierrez, and apparently, her birth year is 1983 (according to her Facebook URL).