Krislyn Gabrielle "Krissy" Gonzalez (born April 27, 2008) is the daughter of Samantha George and the granddaughter of Joey-Lynn and Glenn George. Krissy has four aunts: Brooke, Savannah, Hailey and Haidyn.

Krissy didn't act out as much as the other girls but she was picking up some of her aunts' bad behavior. She was seen on the naughty step only once. One time she got a warning by her mom for being mouthy, and she listened, but when she hit Hailey she went to the naughty step by her grandma.

 Krissy was 2 years old at the time and is now 10 years old in 2018. 


Krissy's Facebook page - This shows her full name as Krislyn Gabrielle Gonzalez. She is an aspiring actress/model/singer, and also used to do beauty pageants.

Rome Talent page - Local talent agency's page for her

Krissy's resume' - Lists various local commercials, print ads