Kobe Timothy Newton (born August 19, 2000) is the youngest son of Aaron Sr. and Vicki, and the younger brother of Aaron Jr.

Kobe was very aggressive toward his mother and brother. He would kick, scream, hit and damage things around the house. Jo introduced a Breathing technique to help him stay calm. He has also lost a privilege after he smacked his mom.

He only acted this way at Vicki's house. During interviews he was able to describe correct behavior and what was expected of him, so he knew what he was supposed to do. Jo theorized that the stress and lack of communication between Vicki and Aaron Sr. contributed to Kobe's hostile behavior.

He was 5 years old when he appeared on Supernanny. He will be 18 in 2018.


  • "I’m angry at you."
  • "I'm ignoring you."
  • "Get off me."
  • "I eat when I want to eat!"
  • "You're kicked out of our house."
  • "(Bleep) you!"

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