Kip Alan Baulisch (born September 29th 1965) is the step dad of of Melissa, dad to Jessica, Jennifer, and Kristin, and husband to Dorothy.

He, like his wife Dorothy, is deaf, and used this as an excuse to give up on his responsibilities as a father. As a result, he had difficulties putting his younger kids to bed, and communicating with them as well.

In addition, he and his wife literally relied on Melissa to act as the hearing parent. Even when Jo got Kip and Melissa together to sort out their differences, Kip pretty much ruined the moment by telling Melissa that everything would be fine if she would just go back to helping out the way she used to (which was the source of many problems in the family). But, in the end, Kip realized his mistake, apologized and he promised his wife and entire family that he would never treat Melissa like a 3rd parent ever again.

He was 42 at the time and is now 52 in 2017.

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Kip's Facebook page - Shows his middle name is Alan.