Kenneth Robert "Ken" Swanson (born February 23, 1974) is the stepdad of Alex and Dawson; and father of Myca, Brenden and Christian; and husband to Vania.

He came down quite hard on Alex and Dawson at times.

He was 32 years old at the time and is now 44 in 2018.

In the news

Ellensburg welcomes Uber, new cab company following Rodeo weekend - Central Washington University Observer, 10/8/2015. In this, we learn Ken is the owner of Rodeo Town Taxi Company. This article introduces two new business competitors for Ken.

Rodeo sponsoring free rides to get people home safely - Ellensburg Daily Record, 8/28/2014. In this, we learn that Ken's taxi company partners with the Ellensburg Rodeo and local sponsors to provide free ride service during the rodeo.

Ellensburg City Council discusses transit survey - Ellensburg Daily Record, 8/10/2011. The second half of the article details Ken's thoughtful protests to the city council regarding free bus service to area residents, which could potentially put him out of business.


Business profile for Rodeo Town Taxi

Ken's Facebook page (the URL implies his birth year is 1975)