Michaela "Kayla" Winter (born December 5th, 2001) is the daughter of Cathy & Tom, the identical twin sister of Erica, the younger half-sister of Kristin and the older sister of Tori & Tommy.

She was seen frequently fighting with her twin sister, Erica. During the submission reel tape, Kayla was seen screaming during one of the fights. During observation, Kayla was also seen sitting on a dangerous spot and kicking and her dad told her to get off. She was also seen screaming in the bathtub along with Tori and kicking and putting her hands on her sister.

She & Erica were 6 years old when they appeared on Supernanny and is now 16 in 2017. She was born on December 5, 2001.


  • "AHHHH!"
  • "AHHHH! MOMMY!!!"
  • "Bath time is crazy" (when she got interviewed)