Katelyn Elizabeth "Kate" Tsironis (born June 12th 2001) is the oldest child of Bob and Elizabeth and older sister of twins Teddy & Nicholas.

During her appearance on the show, Kate was well-behaved and according to Jo, socially mature for her age, but she would often be ignored by her parents because of her brothers' misbehavior.

She used to fake having foot cramps in order to get her parents' attention. One time during dinner, she threw a fit about her foot cramps, which turned out she was just pretending to have them. Jo gave Kate a warning about timeout for lying (Naughty Point), but Kate settled down.

Kate was 4 years old at the time of her appearance on Supernanny and as of 2017, she is 16 years old and a volleyball player.


"No, Nicholas no! NICHOLAS!"

"Can you please rub my feet?!"

"Yeah like a troublemaker, ha ha ha!" (after her dad confronted Nicholas for throwing his food)



"My foot cramps."

Links Edit

Kate's YouTube channel

Sophomore Kate Tsironis a front-row force for Forest Hills Northern - Local sports article about Kate's volleyball prowess


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