Kaiden Angelo McKinney (born February 16, 2007) is the youngest child of Ashley and younger brother to Kayla McKinney.

Kaiden is the most energetic kid Ashley has ever met. He can kick, scream, throw things, bite and hit his mother, spit and pull Kayla's hair. Jo was shocked at Kaiden's tendency to bite at his mother's vaginal area. He even told Ashley and Jo he wished they were dead. He is very spoiled and abuses other kids. He is very creative and physically strong. The apartment they live in is called Diamond Creek. He got kicked out of 2 daycares for his aggression. When mom decided to leave Kaiden alone and quietly color a picture with Kayla however Kaiden decided that he can not be ignored and he hits his mother with a lightsaber

He is now 11 in 2018.