Kaiden Angelo McKinney (born February 16, 2007) is the youngest child of Ashley and younger brother to Kayla McKinney.

Kaiden is the most energetic kid Ashley has ever had. He can kick, scream, throw things, bite and hit his mother, spit and pull Kayla's hair. He also swears and can be very destructive. Due to his aggressive behaviour, he was also kicked out of two preschools. He had a toy lightsaber that Ashley took away from him because he was hitting her with it and after Supernanny Kaiden was diagnosed with ADHD, Bipolar and a  psychological disorder called Larsen syndrome.

He is now 11 in 2018.


  • ”No! I don’t wanna go home!”
  • ”I’m gonna pee in my pants, then!”
  • "I'm gonna poop in your face right now."