Kadi Renee Prescott (born January 8, 1979) (née Cobb) is the ex-wife of Daniel and the mother of Marli, Daniel Jr., Trenton, Phillip, Aiden, Ella, and Reed.

Kadi was seen spanking Ella in Submission Reel. She also did not appear to have control over her kids. She was notable for flicking one of her kids in the mouth.

Kadi was 28 years old in 2007 of her appearance on Supernanny and as of 2018, she is 39 years old. She is now remarried with her 8th child by her new husband

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Kadi's Twitter

Kadi's Facebook page - Her maiden name is Cobb.

Kadi's Medium page - Her current blog (Mother's Day entry confirms she and Daniel are divorced, and the kids live with their dad part time and her part time.)

Kadi's Google+ page - Last updated 2014

Kadi's YouTube channel - Where she proclaims herself a social media maven (as she actually does on her other profiles as well)

Instagram account