Justin Dakota Drake (born November 13, 2004) is the third and youngest child of both Donna and Billy Joe Drake in the Drake Family. He has a twin brother named Jared and older sister, Josie.

On the DVD review, when 3-and-a-half-year-old Justin hit his mom Donna when she was trying to help him golf, she sent him to time-out on the Naughty Chair for 3 and a half minutes, telling him not to hit her.

Justin was seen acting out the most out of the 3 because he was the only one who went to time out.

They were 3 years old when they appeared on Supernanny. He is now 12 years old in 2016.

In the news

Drake takes spike buck - Emanuel County Live, 10/1/2013. Local news item about Justin killing a buck.

Drake twins celebrate 6th birthday with two parties - Emanuel County Live, 12/10/2009. In this article we learn Justin's middle name is Dakota and his birthday is November 13, 2004.

Drake twins celebrate birthday with two parties - Emanuel County Live, 12/26/2007. Eerily similar, but this is about their 4th birthday.

Drake catches a big one! - Emanuel County Live, 5/21/2008. Local news item about Justin catching a fish.

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