Judy Lynn Larmer (née Burg) (born January 26, 1968) is the daughter of Sharon, mom of John, Justin, Jessica and Joey, and ex-wife to Ed.

She would lock the kids in their rooms at bedtime, and would regularly use a harsh tone with her 3 oldest children. She has a naturally deep voice, so it was hard for Judy to learn to use a lighter tone. She appeared to be very intimidating to the kids when disciplining. She also felt it was very important to keep a clean house and avoid making messes, which meant keeping the kids inside the house with not a lot to do.

She was 37 years old at the time and is now 49 in 2017.

Links Edit

Judy's LinkedIn page - She is now a registered nurse.

Judy's 2012 Facebook page and current Facebook page (shows maiden name Burg)

Divorce record for Judy L. and Edward L. Larmer - This states they were married November 27, 1999. After being married for 9 years and 226 days, they got divorced on July 08, 2008 in Tarrant County, Texas. At the time of their divorce, Judy L was 40, and Edward was 38 years old. They had 4 children under the age of 18 at the time of their divorce.

Marriage record for Judy and Ed - This shows they were married in Pinellas, Florida on November 27, 1999. Judy's middle name is Lynn and Ed's middle name is Leslie.

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