Joseph Ralph "Joe" Collins (born July 27, 2000) is the youngest child of Jason and Karen, and the younger brother of Ben, Lauren and Joshua.

He had the worst behaviour of all. He cursed, spit and hurt his siblings and his mum. He was occasionally seen sucking his fingers.

He refused for 4 minutes to stay in the Naughty Zone. When placed there, he thought that it was funny at first. But once left alone for his timeout, he started bouncing around on the couch, then peed in the middle of the floor. Once when his mom put him back in the naughty zone, he cursed at her and gave her the finger.

He and his brothers were the reasons why they were late for school.

He was 4 years old when he appeared on Supernanny. As of 2018, he is 18 years old. He had a niece named Emma.

Quotes Edit

  • "let's play wii!"
  • "I'm listening!"
  • "La!" (5x)
  • "(meep meep )!"
  • "You can keep it)!"
  • "Sorry."