John Wischmeyer appeared on two episodes of the American Supernanny show.


Person Age Relation to Person
Melora Wischmeyer N/A Wife
Jared Johnson 9 Stepson
Ashlyn Wischmeyer 4 Daughter
Alaia Wischmeyer 4 Daughter

Appearance on Supernanny

He worked away from home a lot, relying on Melora to do most of the parenting. He said he felt like he was single because he and Melora were unable to spend any time together at night, thanks to the twins' refusal to go to bed on time (which always ended up with Melora falling asleep in bed with them).

He was very low-key and said until he had not cried in at least 10 years before he felt like crying during a confrontation with Alaia during naptime (when she refused to go in timeout). He was very upset at her rage and was very grateful to Jo for the changes she made in their household.