John Matthew Krolikowski, Sr. (November 12, 1965 - July 5, 2011) is the late husband of Shannon and the father of Kaleigh, Johnny, Karly and Thomas.

The parish manager at his church, John worked long hours that left Shannon feeling like she was parenting alone. He also said in the submission reel "Personally, I don't think I need Supernanny's help." Johnny explained to Jo that John had missed birthday parties because of work meetings he had to attend. When Jo confronted John about his long hours, John said he felt he had to keep working because the gravy train might end any day, and he "might not be here tomorrow." He didn't believe in timeout at all. His preferred method of discipline was to ask the kid or kids nicely, then raise his voice, then get out his belt or a wooden spoon for spanking.

John disagreed with Shannon's parenting style & was super resistant to all of Jo's techniques. He clearly stated he did not want Jo in his home, or need Jo's assistance at all. He also blamed Jo for a temper tantrum Thomas had, claiming Thomas had never misbehaved until now (echoing Lisa Daniels's similar accusation when her youngest threw a tantrum).

Jo encouraged John to bond more with his children by writing them promise letters about spending more quality time with them and following up on the promises, such as teaching Johnny how to play golf. He also wrote promises to Shannon on a list about "Where we will be in 3 months," which included spending more time with the kids, more time alone with Shannon, and also having more control over the kids. He told Jo he really had a breakthrough about the importance of spending quality time and following her advice.

Sadly on July 5, 2011, he died at the age of 45.


St. Vincent Ferrer Church - Pastor's blog - Explains that John died on July 5, 2011, of a single yellowjacket sting. It also explains that John was the church's Parish Manager. He helped the parish organize, for the first time in its history, a good Knights of Columbus council (#13996), and served it faithfully as an officer, being elected most recently to the post of Council Treasurer. He was also a 4th Degree Knight of Assembly #1992.

John's obituary - Gives birthday of November 12, 1965, and gives Shannon's name as Shannon L. Troples.

Mizner Funeral Home Memory Wall - This contains a more detailed biography. It explains that before becoming parish manager, John had previously been employed as a Golf Pro at various golf courses in Southern Florida. A 1973 graduate of Meadville High School, he was a member of the Golf Team and Swim Team. He attended Youngstown State University. It also gives children's names as Kaleigh A. Krolikowski, Johnny M. Krolikowski, Karly D. Krolikowski, Thomas G. Krolikowski.