Joe Del Re was the father of Clarissa, Peter and Deanna and ex husband of Adele.

Appearance on Supernanny

A police officer, Joe often came home from work stressed out and just wanted to de-stress in private (sometimes by napping even though he wasn't really tired). He felt that he could control the people out in the city streets but could not control his kids. Joe didn't want Clarissa to hang out with her friends or go to summer camp or attend sleepovers because he felt that she was safer at home. However, when it came to discipline, he would behave like a cop to them which Adele and Jo didn't approve.

Jo had him wind down from work by lying down for a few minutes in his bedroom listening to soothing music, then talk with Adele about his day. Then he was better able to loosen up and have fun with his kids, such as when he and Clarissa danced around in disco costumes at Jo's behest.

He is notable for calling Clarissa stupid at the dinner table after she told him about the ketchup packet story.