Jessica "Jessie" Jeans (born October 29, 2001) is the second daughter of David and Barbara, younger sister to Andra and twin sister to Leah.

Jessie was learning from Andra's aggressive behavior and copied it. She basically was just as disrespectful as Andra. She frequently hurt Leah. For example, she deliberately pushed Leah off a tricycle, got on the tricycle, then circled back on the tricycle in order to run it into Leah. In the grocery store, she also had Leah in a headlock, apparently to try and prevent Leah from touching her steering wheel. She frequently tackled Leah as well.

She also yelled at her parents and threw temper tantrums, and was seen hitting Barbara during the Family Test Run.

She was 3 when she appeared on Supernanny.and she is now 15 in 2016


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