Jenniffer Jill "Jenny" Bowersock (née Floyd) (born July 17, 1981[1]) is the wife of Thad and the mother of Madeline, Hayden and Lily. She is currently 37 years old.

Appearance on Supernanny

Her form of discipline was yelling, spanking her children after catching, her children hitting her, and washing her children's mouths out with soap for spitting. She was also undermined by Thad, who would help the kids do the opposite of what Jenny asked them to do, which added to the frustration. For example, after Jenny had spent hours trying to get the kids to clean their rooms by themselves, Thad would help the kids clean their rooms, making a waste of Jenny's misguided efforts. Finally, thanks to Jo, when Maddie began hitting and spanking Jenny, Jenny sent Maddie to the naughty corner for seven minutes, and after seven minutes, Maddie apologized and Jenny hugged her.

Having come from an unloving childhood herself, Jenny did not know how to show affection to her children. To help with this, Jo had them play a game of freeze tag that encouraged the family to give hugs and affection to each other. She also helped Jenny, a former high school cheerleader, bond with Maddie by encouraging her to a cheerleading technique and eat a krill.

When Jo came to help out the Bowersock family, she made it absolutely clear that she didn't approve of Jenny's form of discipline. Jenny then revealed that she had an abusive childhood and didn't know how to parent differently.

During the revisit, all children were well-behaved and Jennifer had stopped spanking her children.


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