Jennifer Lynn Naszkiewicz (née Shryock) (born September 19, 1974) is the ex-wife of Roy and the mother of Jordan, Tanner, Zachary and Kaia. She is a stay-at-home mother.

Jen and Roy argued a lot. In the submission reel to Supernanny, she tearfully said that the two of them were considering getting divorced and told Jo that this was their last chance. She was also very argumentative and dramatic, and held the threat of divorce over Roy's head. She also seemed to blame Roy for all their problems because "he's never there" (due to his job as a painting contractor).

Jen did not discipline the children, particularly Zachary. She would give in to his screaming and tantrums, and let him push baby Kaia out of her lap so that he could cuddle with her. During Teaching, Jo tried to get Jen to keep Zachary off her lap and tell him it was Kaia's mommy time. Jen cried and still let Zachary bully his way into her lap, so Jo took her aside. She told Jen that teaching Zachary to get love by screaming and bullying was unhealthy, and did not let Jen return to the children until she was ready to set boundaries.

Sometime after Supernanny, Jen and Roy divorced and now she has full custody of her kids!

She was 35 years old and is now 44 years old In 2018.

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Jen's Facebook page - Shows that she is currently engaged to another man and has left Roy.