Jennifer "Jen" Bullard (born February 21, 1976) is the mother of Brycie and Rylan, and the ex-wife of Bryce.

She worked alongside Bryce at his plumbing company. She manned the phones and did all the office work, such as handling invoices and bids. Her personality seemed somewhat brittle and dramatic, and she cried often in this episode.

She did not seem to trust Bryce to parent as well as she did, and would say things in a disrespectful tone that undermined Bryce's authority when she wasn't completely ignoring his suggestions. For example, she refused to put Brycie in timeout when Bryce suggested it; told Bryce that he should not tell her how to put Rylan to bed when he almost never did it; and talked down to him when he suggested ordering dessert at a restaurant.

During Observation, Jo observed that Jen never got a break and was trying to do too much, and doing it all poorly as a result. Jen admitted she often yelled and spoke harshly to the boys. Bryce noted that seeing Jen in the DVD footage was scary, and that her behavior looked worse on the DVD than it seemed when it was actually happening.

She found it hard to discipline Brycie and put Rylan down for bed.

She was 28 at the time and is now 42 in 2018.

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Jen's Facebook page - Her last name is actually not Bullard it is Ramage, has the boys on visits, and also has a new baby girl and different man in her life, so it appears she and Bryce are no longer together.