Jason Colier (born Thursday, June 24th, 1971) is the dad to Chase, Nathaniel and Blake, stepfather to Madison and the husband to Dawn.

He was seen to be quite verbally abusive towards Madison but mollycoddled the boys. For example, when the boys were eating dinner and complained their food was too hot, he had them open their mouths so he could blow air into their mouths to cool the food off. During the Parent Meeting, Jason admitted he liked treating them like babies because they were so precious as babies and he didn't want to lose that.

He adopted Madison last year but considered her the problem child. He filmed Madison's behavior as proof that she needed help. During the Submission Reel, he can be seen taunting Madison while recording her fits. He did not trust Madison at all, and called her a liar. He would routinely ignore Madison, except when he felt like criticizing her.

He did not agree with disciplining the children and would undermine Dawn's attempts to put the boys in timeout. When Jo demonstrated how to do timeout during Teaching, Jason also undermined Jo by pacifying Nathaniel and telling him "It's OK" because he "felt so bad" about him being in timeout. Jason eventually understood that he was making things worse.

Jo also forced Jason to spend time with Madison in a gondola lift, and also pressured Jason into hugging Madison, which he refused to previously do and clearly found unnatural.

He was 38 when he appeared in Supernanny and now he is 46 years old in 2017.

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