Jared Johnson appeared on two episodes of the American Supernanny show.


Person Age Relation to Person
Melora Wischmeyer 36 Mother
John Wischmeyer 45 Stepfather
Ashlyn Wischmeyer 4 Sister (Maternal)
Alaia Wischmeyer 4 Sister (Maternal)

Appearance on Supernanny

His half-sisters constantly bullied him, took his stuff, and annoyed him. Despite his good behavior, his half-sisters also tattled on him and his mother would constantly blame him for causing any trouble rather than his half-sisters.

Jo gave him a Thought Box to write down his feelings and talk them over with Melora. One of his thoughts was, "Why do I have consequences and the girls don't?" When Melora talked to him about this, she said this wasn't true, then backtracked and said that the girls are only 4 (implying they are too young to be punished).


According to an article published on The Republic, Jared was driving a car with three friends in it. He got into an accident due to looking at his iPod while driving, and his friend in the front passenger seat died.[1] Jared posted on the friend's memorial page on Facebook.[2]


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