Jared D. Johnson (born June 19, 1995) is the stepson of John, son to Melora and half-brother to twin sisters Ashlyn and Alaia.

When he appeared, his half-sisters constantly bullied him, took his stuff, and annoyed him. Despite his good behavior, his half-sisters also tattled on him and his mother would constantly blame him for causing any trouble rather than his half-sisters.

Jo gave him a Thought Box to write down his feelings and talk them over with Melora. One of his thoughts was, "Why do I have consequences and the girls don't?" When Melora talked to him about this, she said this wasn't true, then backtracked and said that the girls are only 4 (implying they are too young to be punished).

He was 9 years old when he appeared on Supernanny and is now 23 in 2018.

Links Edit

Passenger ejected, dies from injuries - The Republic, 6/21/13. Jared was driving a car with three friends in it. Got into an accident due to looking at his iPod while driving, and his friend in the front passenger seat died. Jared posted on the friend's memorial page on Facebook.

Intelius page for Jared - This confirms Jared's address and last name of Johnson and gives his middle initial, D (address matches with above article and shows Melora as a relative).

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