Jared Dillon Drake (born November 13, 2004) is the second and middle child of both Donna and Billy Joe Drake in the Drake Family. He has a twin brother named Justin and an older sister named Josie.

Although Jared didn't go to time out like Justin, he was still responsible for fighting and hurting him.

He was 3 1/2 years old when they appeared on Supernanny and will be 14 in 2018.


Drake twins celebrate 6th birthday with two parties - Emanuel County Live, 12/10/2009. In this local news item, we learn Jared's middle name is Dillon and his birthday is November 13.

Drake twins celebrate birthday with two parties - Emanuel County Live, 12/26/2007. Eerily similar, but this is about their 4th birthday.

Drake takes first deer - Emanuel County Live, 10/31/2013. Jared kills his first deer and proclaims, "I'm a man now, Daddy!"