James Ralph Tafoya Jr (born July 10, 2000) is the eldest child of Holly and Jimmy, and the older brother of Tyler and Ryan.

He had a habit of lying to his parents and playing video games that weren't appropriate for his age, while around his friend's house. When he said a mature command, Holly put liquid soap in his mouth, something that Jo later confronted during the DVD footage.

He was 7 years old at the time he appeared on Supernanny, and as of 2018, he is 18 years old.

Quotes: Edit

  • To the audience: "I don't know why I lie, I just do."
  • To Jo Frost: "I just don't think right."
  • To Jo Frost looking at the T (teen) game: " When they say it's violent, it's not really violent. They're just trying to get you not to play it."
  • To Tyler: "Smell your own butt crack".
  • To Tyler: "No! I just went over there!"