Jadyn Riley Siemer (born February 17, 1998) is the oldest child of Stacie, stepdaughter of Bill and the older half-sister of Billy.

According to her mother, Jadyn had already hit the "edge of puberty." She would fight with her little brother, but the biggest issue is her rude attitude towards her mom, Stacie. She would talk back and shut the door towards her mom, sulk, pout and get frustrated.

Thanks to Stacie's babying, she also refused to sleep in her own bed and slept on a little couch in the hallway, or in bed with her parents. She was also seen sucking her thumb to soothe herself while in bed with Stacie. When her couch was taken away, Jadyn was upset about it, but after ten minutes, she was happily sleeping in her own bed.

During Jo's visit, she implemented the Naughty Room for Jadyn when she misbehaved. She was only sent there twice: Once for throwing a keyboard in frustration at Billy when she brought a toy snake she can play with herself, and the second time for pouting after coming out of the first timeout. Jo pointed out that it wasn't fair to put Jadyn in the Naughty Room the second time.

Both Bill and Stacie thought that Jadyn would be a challenge for Jo because she is strong-willed, independent and stubborn, but Jadyn proved her parents wrong. She wasn't a challenge all, was very easy to handle. Similar to Billy, Jadyn did not exhibit most of the bad behavior she was cited for in the Submission Reel, perhaps due to the better sleep habits positively affecting her behavior.

Jadyn is actually Bill's stepdaughter (but this fact is not mentioned on the show).

She was 6 years old at the time and as of 2018, she is 20 years old

Quotes Edit

  • "I hate nap time. I know you love it, but I don't."
  • "Ooh Ooh! Mom is not smart!"
  • "Billy gimme it!"
  • "You pulled me off there!"
  • "I am getting down!"
  • "I want a hug!"
  • "Really? Okay, go on the naughty step.


Jadyn's Facebook page - Her last name is Siemer (confirmed via Stacie's page, where Jadyn is listed as her daughter. Andrew Siemer's page also lists Jadyn as his daughter). She also has an older Facebook page (last updated 2014).

Jadyn's Instagram - Shows her middle name is Riley and she is with a guy named Andrew. (Confirmed due to photos of Bill, Stacie and Billy featured on page)

Jadyn's Tumblr (Warning - Language, mature themes, NSFW, 17+)

Jadyn's Twitter (from 2009, showing last name Siemer)