Isabella Brooke Jackson (born November 5, 2000) is the youngest triplet & only daughter of Lisa and Terry Jackson and the triplet sister of Ethan & Will.

Isabella was known to have the worst temper out of the triplets and had a tendency to be very stubborn and get Sometimes angry or annoyed. She was sent to time-out 3 times, for misbehaving at lunch, hitting one of her brothers and disrespecting her mom.

She was 5 years old when she appeared on Supernanny and is 17 years old as of 2017.


  • "Ethan, take a turn!"
  • "Take your hands off!" (to her mother)
  • "And now you're a loser 'cause you're not nice." (to her mother)
  • "NO! NEVER!"
  • "Ethan, i'm not." "Let's be quiet so he doesn't know we're here." (to Jo Frost)