Hunter James McKeever (born January 18th 2000) is the the oldest child of Lucy and Corey and older brother of River.

Although Hunter didn't act out as much as River, he was seen talking back to his parents and sometimes can be aggressive, but not as aggressive as River.

Hunter was very known for trashing the guest room because he was upset that he didn't get a snack that he wanted. Even though he was forced to clean up the guest room after messing it up, he served 7 minutes in there for timeout and lost a privilege ball.

He was 7 years old at the time and is now 18 years old in 2018.

Quotes Edit

  • "This is hard!"
  • "Heck hell diarrhea poop pee!"
  • "Dad never has a good time with us because he's always on the computer. That's all he cares about!"
  • "No we're the Butt family!"
  • "l hate time out."

Links Edit

Hunter's IMDB page - According to his IMDB bio, written by Lucy, "The 1st dose of acting he had was when the family appeared on a television show [Supernanny?]. He then decided that he loved the camera. He started doing background work and after 40+ shows, movies and music videos he landed an agent and manager."

Hunter's Facebook fan page - In case it wasn't already clear that Hunter and his brother are working child actors

Hunter's LinkedIn page - Yes, Hunter has a LinkedIn page! Bio is same as the IMDB bio.

McKeever Family Tree - Shows middle name James