Announcer: Tonight On Supernanny.

Rhys: Shut Up!

Tara: **** you Rhys you drunk boy

Tara: Stoppppitt!

(Footage Of Shannon & Rhys Running)

(Footage Of Shannon Crying)

Announcer: Can Jo Help spank Rhys til his butt bone breaks?

Rhys: **** you

Tara: What would you like on your sandwich Rhys! Rhys: NOTHING!!! Tara: OWW stopit!!! Tara ham or jam Rhys!!!!! Rhys: NOTHING!!! Tara: oi don't kick her Tara: Don't kick me, had enough Shannon. Tara: I will ground you so hard that your hair falls out Rhys. Shannon: (kicks mum) Tara: Oi! No!!!! DONT!! Tara: Had enough of it from Rhys!


Submission ReelEdit

Jo: Hi pricks I am here in Shenley Hertfordshire in the shitty ghetto UK ready to see a family who desperately needs my help let's take a look. At the bad ass kids.

Tara: I'm Tara Howat. I'm a single mum with 3 obnoxious children. Casey is 8 years old, she is good behaved Shannon is 7 years old and acts pretty bad, and Rhys is 4 years old, He is the ringleader of badass. Rhys is like a wild child gone wrong it's terrible

throwing things at me, swearing directly at me

Rhys: hey you're a ******

Rhys: I don't want ham or jam on sandwich ******

Rhys: da da da *********

Rhys shut up ******** !!!

Tara: YOUR'E RUDE!!!!!

Rhys ********** dog

Rhys: shut up!! I'll punch you I hate ham and jam on a sandwich!!!!

Tara: Your mouth is dirty shut up!! I will make a ham and jam sandwich!!!!

Tara: Shannon's behavior is quite bad honestly

Tara: She isn't as bad as Rhys, and told me to **** off.

Rhys must be copying Shannon's behavior

Tara: Supernanny we need you help come now to our obnoxious bratty devils

Observation ContinuesEdit

Jo knocks on the door

jo: Hello it's Jo let's get your kids shit together

Jo: What is your name, sweet behaved child?

Casey: I'm 8.

Jo: What's your name, are you one of the brats?

Tara: Yeah, Shannon and Rhys are the brats, Casey is behaved.

Shannon: Don't talk about me obesed bitch.

Jo: damn Tara your kids really are bad!!

Tara: shut the fuck up Shannon you are so rude and nasty.

Jo: Who are you? little bratty boy?

Rhys: I'm reecy peanut butter cups I'm 4.

Tara: shut up Rhys I put hid your Reece's in the attic.

Jo: what's with Reece's?

Tara: Nah just some stupid Reece's cups I hid from Rhys last week.

Jo: let's get started.

Rhys: fuck you dog

Tara: shut up brat

Tara: what do you want on your sandwich, stupid child!

Rhys: I want nothing!!! I hate this sandwich

Shannon: try to get me (kicks Tara)

Tara: fucking stop I have Rhys to deal with I'm still mad you called Jo a bitch now clean the cereal bowl you ate out of.

Shannon: fuck no bitch I'm gonna fight Rhys I'm not cleaning that dirty ass cereal bowl you do it bitch I won't find the sponge.

Tara: stfu Shannon it's time you clean your own dishes Casey does you're a year younger than her it's only leftover rainbow pebbles. Now you can clean Casey's.

Shannon: Noooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YOU LADY!!! You clean your own stupid bowl retarded ass can't even clean with a sponge.

Tara: FUCKiNG STOP!!!!!!!!! (slaps Shannon really hard across the face).

Shannon: (quietly sobs) Bitch!!!

Jo: DAMN!!! All I CAN say!!

Tara: Shannon even tho Rhys knows swears you're setting a worse example so fucking stop.

Rhys: stupid fucker!!!

Rhys: Bastard!!

Tara: That ain't nice!!!

Jo: the way your dick head talks is beyond the bank of England.

Tara: I know. Now I need to take the brats to school.

Jo: must be fucking hard, I feel ya.

Tara: no you don't. You have 0 kids. Don't play.

Jo: No attitude.

Tara: let's go to school brats

Tara: stop fucking fighting. Rhys stop hitting Shannon. Shannon stop cursing. And Casey get off your lazy ass and get in the CAR!!! I'm getting your rugsacks now get the fuck in the flipping car you satantic nutfaces!!!

Rhys: fuck no bitch I'm no going in the car bastard!!!

Tara: okay brat you will get smacked too, tired of your shit. (loudly smacks Rhys)

Rhys: (sobs loudly) ahhhhhhhh!!!!! aaaaaahahaaa!!!!!! I hate you pig!!!!

Shannon: just get the fuck in the car Rhys or mom will yell and get annoying.

Tara: shut up both of you.

Tara: HOW Many fucking times do I tell you Casey get off ur ass it's school time I don't care I u don't get attention I'm depleted and stressed!!!

Tara: ugh breathe in and out, Tara.

Jo: let's go

Jo: I think I might call dyfis on you

Tara: plz do. I hate these kids. I already had to beat the living remains out of Shannon and Rhys and it's only morning!!!!! Shannon has an attitude and swearing while Rhys is swearing and being physically with me and Shannon. I smacked her first.

Tara: stop fucking crying Rhys before your ass get beat with my two fists!!!

Rhys: NO NO Mom!! I'll be good!!

Tara: you fucking think I'd believe that!!

Rhys: fuck you will face

Tara: whatever Rhys I guess I won't smack you outside

Tara: get the fuck over here

Shannon: no bitch!!

Tara: I wish I can smack the shit outta you but we're outside. Fucking shut up!!

Shannon: what the fuck ever

Tara: you both will have 100 bruises once we're home I swear.

Tara: we're at your school brats if I get a call you misbehaved I will beat both your asses with my two fists.

Parent MeetingEdit

Jo: Your bad ass shits run you nuts!

Tara: oh fuck I can't control my temper

Jo: I seen your brats punch,kick, throw, spit etc!!!! And Casey gets %0 fucking attention!!!

Tara: I know. I want you to transform my kids. I want a happy family

Jo: I know u do. I'm here to help girl.

Tara: don't call me that Mrs frosty panty, how's that ice in your tea, frosty??

Jo: fucking stop

Tara: yea I will

Tara: oh shit the phones ringing!!! NOO it's the brats school!!

Tara: come the fuck on!!! Shannon is in the office cause she cursed the teacher out!! I need to strengthen my fists to beat her wen she comes!!

Shannon: ugh that bitch of a teacher made me work with the stupid boys that smell like ass and vomit.

Tara: Shannon, I'm fucking sick of you and all you kids. Wen rys comes home, the chaos will double. NOW MY FISTS ARE GOING UP, ANY WORDS?? Lol she looks scared

Jo: wut ever

Shannon: no, mom, plz. You beat freaking hard with your fists!!!

Tara: I give 0 shits. (BOOM!!! loud beat)

Shannon: (cries) I'm sorry I won't act up in school.

Tara: yeah you will now sit your ass upstairs were in a parent meeting.

Shannon: FINE!!!! (cries)

Tara: sorry Shannon is just a bitch. I scare my kids when I put up my fists and beat them.

Jo: okay tomorrow is teaching so prepare for transformation soon.

Tara: yeah girl I'm all in!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jo: kk

==Teaching Begins)

Jo: hi brats I got a routine

Jo: were also introducing time out. I'm doing this cause u need to learn how to discipline your kids without knocking them out.

Tara: I dunno how that's possible, but, okay!!!

Jo: all it takes is patience and confidence. I will turn your devil's into angels in no time.

Tara: I know. I want my kids to behave.

Jo: And smacking your kids won't help them.

Tara: it won't??

Jo: it doesn't at all. It just makes them worse.

Jo: The routine has lunch and snacks with a booger free diet.

Shannon: oh shut up Jo

Rhys: yeah fuck you pig ( hits Jo and Tara)

Tara: HEY!!!! Stop it brats!!!

Jo: now it's time to introduce timeout. If Rhys hits you or me you say you do not hit mom. Give him a warning, if he does it again, rite to the corner.

Tara: stop freaking hitting

Rhys: NOOO!!!!! (Hits again)

Jo: bring him to the corner.

Rhys: I want to stay near the fridge!!!!

Tara: (drags Rhys to the corner)

Rhys: go you fucker!!!

Jo: Don't let him be physical ignore him back to the corner

Rhys: (cries and stays in the corner)

Jo: you did it!!! You got him in the corner without knocking him out!!!

Tara: woo hoo I did it I'm happy!!!

Jo: u should be happy.

Tara: now go and say I want an apology.

Tara: Rhys say sorry

Rhys: sorry mommy (cries)

Tara: hugs Rhys

Jo: you did that!!! You did that!!! Come here you!! (hugs Tara).

Jo: Jo Jo has a Happy feet map!!

Rhys: woo!!!

Tara: Rhys stop this is stressing

Jo: remember you can do this!!

Tara: yeah I can!!

Tara: come on Rhys let's find the duck pond then

Rhys: found it!!!

Tara: well done Rhys you did very well!!!

Tara I thought it would be a stressing journey but I stayed consistent!

Rhys: kisses Tara

Tara: oh that's nice (kisses and hugs Rhys back)

Jo: let's go shopping today.

Tara: yeah

Jo: I will give each kid a shopping list

Tara: sounds cool

Tara: come on Rhys get up you like shopping

Rhys: (gets up)

Jo: wow strong boy

Tara: we got it all, cheese, juice.

Tara: since you're so good at helping me shop Rhys you can ride the airplane.

It's the biggest challenge of all, bedtime.

Jo: you're gonna remain consistent and do this

Tara: okay

Tara: which book?

Rhys: this one!

Tara: okay

Jo: you're talking to him like he's deaf!!

Tara: oh god sorry Rhys for my obnoxious voice

Rhys: read my story!!!! (YELLS)

Jo: say don't yell rhys

Tara: plz don't yell Rhys

Rhys: okay

Tara: (reads story)

Tara: nite nite Rhys

Jo: if he gets out put him back.

Rhys has gotten outta bed 98 times

Jo: u got Rhys to bed wonderfully, you didn't raise a hand to him. But I'm hoping for a big improvement tomorrow when I'm gone.

Tara: yes okay.

Parent EvalationEdit

Jo: okay tara I'm gonna leave you for a couple of days on your own.

Tara: okay

Jo: I hope she remembers all she's been taught and uses the technique's.

Jo: bye guys see ya wen I get back.

Family Test RunEdit

tara: mam do you think you can do that

tara: thats good and M

tara: and another M

shannon: I only want 1

tara: shannon I am giving you a warning now

shannon: only 1

tara: you are going to have 2 because you need a full lunch and you will get hungry

shannon: I dont get hungry

tara: right you had your warning now off you go

tara: shannon

shannon: noo

tara: stand up!

shannon: I want to go to the bathroom

tara: and you stand there

tara: I cant do this its to much with her


TARA: DO NOT HIT ME!!!!!!!!!!

Narrator: It takes well over an hour before shannon finallys stays put for the full 7 minutes/

shannon: I want my sandwich!

tara: its harder with shannon very hard, i can't

Narrator: Life's not easy with Shannon, over the next few days Tara stops talking, and starts shouting very loudly again

tara: rhys get here!

Rhys: ******** YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



tara: girls go down stairs and do something

tara: I will give you a warning

tara: right girls can you sit down plays and me silent!

tara: right warning!

tara: you go to sleep rhys I am not having this!

tara: off you go I have asked you to go down girls go down!

Narrator: When Rhys Gets out of bed, A high stressed Tara has claimed to point her finger tara: thats all because

you 2 was loud and hes gone hyper

tara: hes gone back to the way he was

tara (yelling): DO NOT THROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIGHT?!



Rhys: Right. (Sobs)


jo: when you took her back to the corner you talked to her

jo: how did you feel when that was happening

tara: very angry

jo: look at your face

tara: yeah

jo: that was ugly

tara: mm

jo: what we going to do

shannon: go in the car

jo: ok lovely good

jo: ok lets have fun in the park

jo: goal yeah give me 5

jo: sometimes you 2 bang heads together

tara: yeah we do argue dont we shannon

jo: and mam to becases she shoughts and she get angry to

jo: what do you think you to can do more to help

shannon: chat to each other

jo: yeah what else

shannon: lisen to mom

jo: thats it now your thinking

jo: how much does mam love shannon

tara: the whole world

jo: and how much does shannon love mom

shannon: lots and lots and lots

shannon: its nice to spend time with you

shannon hugs her mom


tara: rhys give that back

jo: dont get hyper with him

tara: night

casey and shannon laugh

tara: right night girls

Jo Says Goodbye AgainEdit

jo: right take care

tara: yes its nice haveing you here its been goddamn great

A month laterEdit

tara: jo has changed my life and my familys life