Announcer: Tonight On Supernanny.

Rhys: Shut Up!

Tara: Oi!

Tara: Stoppppitt!

(Footage Of Shannon & Rhys Running)

(Footage Of Shannon Crying)

Announcer: Can Jo Help A Single Divorced Mother Out?


Submission ReelEdit

Jo: Well I am here in Shenley Hertfordshire ready to see a family who desperately needs my help let's take a look.

Tara: I'm Tara Howat. I'm a single mum with 3 children. Casey is 8 years old, Shannon is 7 years old and Rhys is 4 years old. Rhys is like a wild child gone wrong it's terrible

throwing things at me, swearing directly at me

Rhys hey you're a *************

Rhys da da da ****************

Rhys shut up *********

Tara you're rude

Rhys ************* dog (blubber)

Tara stop it

Tara Shannon's behavior is quite bad honestly

she's banging the door on me

Rhys must be copying Shannon's behavior

Tara Supernanny we need you help come now

Observation ContinuesEdit

jo knocks on the howatt house door

jo: hello nice to meet you

tara: nice to meet you to

jo: hello whats your name

casey: casey

jo: and how old are you

casey: 8

jo: hello whats your name

rys: rys

jo: can how old are you

rys: 4

jo: and whats your name

shannon: shannon

jo: how old are you

shannon: 7

jo: 7 ok

its breakfast time

tara: what do you want in your sandwich

rys: nothing!

rys hits his mam

tara: do not hit me!

tara: I dont like it rys lisen to me

tara: well I just make it then you have it!

Rhys Whacks his mother again

tara: lisen to me you have to eat

rys bites his mam

tara: ow DON'T!!!!!!!

tara: OI! DON'T KICK HER AND DON'T KICK ME!!!!!!!! DON'T!!!!!!!

shannon puches her mam

tara: Don't! DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jo: mam is like this she does not know whether to come or go

rys: ****** ******!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tara: that is not nice!

rys: shut up! ******

tara: NO!! ... NO!! .... NO!!

jo: watching a 4 year old swear like that is wrong he does it becases his mam does not do much and that does need to stop

the school run

tara: give me your hand

tara: I dont like you this side rys I like you this side

rys has done a runner

jo: look there just chaseing up the rode

tara: come here!

tara: OI!!!!!

tara: Rhys! You ******' pussy!

Jo: she has lost him

jo: this is crazy

at shopping

Tara please get of the table Rhys

Rhys *************

Tara WARNING say that again you're going in time out for 4 minutes

Tara: stop it!

Tara: thank rhys!

jo: takeing rys shopping is a joke

in the car park

tara: grab him

tara: grab him shannon

tara: up yeah you will get run over



tara: its horrible I cant do it, nothing! It's just a morbid piece of shit on cake! I Just can't *********** do it! I Can't decline his punches! He treates me like a ************' baby!


tara: shannon lets go!


tara: in your room!

shannon: in the bathroom

tara: shannon unlock this door no!

tara: open this ********** door! Yeah! Baby!


shannon: ow!


tara: in your room


tara: I dont care

Shannon: ****** off!!!!!!!!!!



jo: you need to go downstairs I can see your going to loose it

jo: what I seen up there was unhealthy

tara: hmmm

tara: just go away shannon

shannon: but I want a bath

tara: your not haveing a bath

tara: go to bed and lave me alone now!

Parent MeetingEdit

Jo: You've been the right hand man, i think you've been falling apart at the seems, don't you

Tara: hmm yeah I know

Jo: I seen two of your kids punching and Hurting, Where's the love bear and where's the respect?

tara: I don't think I let them get away with to much! I Just can't belong to a league of angry german kids that don't understand english and treat like bullcrap! It's insane! I Want it stop.

jo: Excuse Me

tara: I Don't want this to continue. If it does , i'll kill myself!

jo: your kidding me

tara: no!

Jo: its not on tara, How dare they hit their mother, or Casey

tara: hmm

jo: or anybody

jo: Tara's a circus parade! You put him in danger on that street coming home from school to home, you put him in danger when he was in that car park, he could of got hit by a car

tara: yeah I know

jo: it's not funny tara wake up girl

tara: yeah but when you chase him all day you get tired so it gets hard

jo: thats not good enhogh

Teaching BeginsEdit

jo: hello

tara: hello

jo: ok need a reteen in this house

jo: 7:30 eveyone up

jo: rys would you like a drink

jo: ok how do you ask for a drink

rys: nothing

rys: I want a drink!

jo: how do you ask for a drink


jo: calm down

jo: say stop hitting me rys

tara: stop hitting me rys

tara: rys how do you ask for a drink

jo: this is what you do if he does something that is naughty you will come down to his level give him a warning does it again its the naughty corner and same for the girls to

tara: do not hit me

tara: do not hit mam that is nauhty


jo: right put him in the corner and dont talk to him

jo: walk away what you hanging around for put him back in the corner and you leave him there

jo: now you are going to get him and carry on

jo: dont smile its not a game

RHYS: F**k off!!!!!!!!!!

jo: you do not allow your son to treak you like that

rhys: I want a drink

rhys: I want to stay there

jo: ok in the corner

tara: mother put you in the naughty corner becases you kept hitting me I told you not to hit me I want you to say sorry

rhys: sorry


tara: thank you

jo: how do you ask your mam for a drink say mam can I have a drink

rhys: mam can I have a drink

tara: yes you can rhys

jo: you did that you did that

jo hugs tara


jo: on the way home jo jo has a happy feet map

jo: ok mam up beat

tara: give me your hand lets look for the duck pond then

tara: rhys stand up

jo; look how you crossed the road look how is everone safe

jo: your putting everyone in danger

tara: yeah I know

jo: look whats happening here he is stepping out on the road there is cars everywhere

tara: yeah I know

tara: I am stressed I dont want to do it anymore

jo: so whats going to happen

tara: I am going home

tara: come on girls

tara: not doing it

jo: tara

tara: no I am not doing it

jo: tara your kids

tara: come on girls

tara: come on girls

jo: come here

tara: no I dont want to

tara: girls come on

jo: tara dont make me run girl wait

tara: no jo I dont want to do it

jo: you can do it if you give up what you saying

tara: the rest of the journey was better


tara: you read this book and you go to sleep

tara: choses one to read

jo: keep your voice nice your talking to him like he is deaf

jo: night night rhys

tara: night

tara: time for bed rhys

rhys: yeah!

tara: bed time

jo: 3rd time say nothing

rhys: yeah!

shannon: mam you are meant to read us a story

tara: I am waiting for him to sleep

rhys: door open

jo: 1 hour and 45 mins

shannon: waaaa

tara: whats going on now

tara: he is not grabbing anything

shannon: leave it alone

jo: shannon teach your brother

shannon: nooooooo

jo: lets look at the rules

casey: fine she can be the banker and I will give out the cards

shannon: noooooo

jo: no not nooo talk to each other

jo: your kids cant read you when your happy and that

tara: you did really well exilent brillian


jo: each child has a shopping list

tara: come on up you get you can help me you like shopping

tara: what we looking for theses are bannanas

tara: welldone rhys brillian very good

tara: carrots you like carrots dont you you eat then not cooked dont you

rhys: chips

tara: yes chips

jo: who said chips

tara: rhys

tara: welldone very good

tara: welldone rhys

tara: sauce

tara; you put them in there welldone

tara: he likes them

jo: wow stronge boy

tara: thats heavey wasent it

tara: rhys have we got it all cheses milk juice

tara: you can go on the air plane

tara: for being so good and helping me shop

rhys hugs his mam

tara: put that in

tara: that went really well


tara: wich book

tara: night

rhys: mam mam!

rhys: f***k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jo: ignore that

jo: that took less time

jo hus tara

tara: I feel great I am not tired and  I dont fell stressed

shannon: mam has been saying nice things to us it makes me feel very happy

jo hugs casey and shannon


Parent EvalationEdit

Family Test RunEdit

tara: mam do you think you can do that

tara: thats good and M

tara: and another M

shannon: I only want 1

tara: shannon I am giveing you a warning now

shannon: only 1

tara: you are going to have 2 becases you need a full lunch and you will get hungry

shannon: I dont get hungry

tara: right you had your warning now off you go

tara: shannon

shannon: noo

tara: stand up!

shannon: I want to go to the bathroom

tara: and you stand there

tara: I cant do this its to much with her


TARA: DO NOT HIT ME!!!!!!!!!!

Narrator: It takes well over an hour before shannon finallys stays put for the full 7 minutes/

shannon: I want my sandwich!

tara: its harder with shannon very hard, i can't

Narrator: Life's not easy with Shannon, over the next few days Tara stops talking, and starts shouting very loudly again

tara: rhys get here!

Rhys: ******** YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



tara: girls go down staire and do something

tara: I will give you a warning

tara: right girls can you sit down plays and me silent!

tara: right warning!

tara: you go to sleep rhys I am not haveing this!

tara: off you go I have asked you to go down girls go down!

Narrator: When Rhys Gets out of bed, A high stressed Tara has claimed to point her finger tara: thats all because

you 2 was loud and hes gone hyper

tara: hes gone back to the way he was

tara (yelling): DO NOT THROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIGHT?!



Rhys: Right. (Sobs)


jo: when you took her back to the corner you talked to her

jo: how did you feel when that was happening

tara: very angry

jo: look at your face

tara: yeah

jo: that was ugly

tara: mm

jo: what we going to do

shannon: go in the car

jo: ok lovely good

jo: ok lets have fun in the park

jo: goal yeah give me 5

jo: sometimes you 2 bang heads together

tara: yeah we do argue dont we shannon

jo: and mam to becases she shoughts and she get angry to

jo: what do you think you to can do more to help

shannon: chat to each other

jo: yeah what else

shannon: lisen to mam

jo: thats it now your thinking

jo: how much does mam love shannon

tara: the whole world

jo: and how much does shannon love mam

shannon: lots and lots and lots

shannon: its nice to spend time with you

shannon hugs her mam


tara: rhys give that back

jo: dont get hyper with him

tara: night

casey and shannon laugh

tara: right night girls

Jo Says Goodbye AgainEdit

jo: right take care

tara: yes its nice haveing you here its been goddamn great

A month laterEdit

tara: jo has changed my life and my familys life

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