Announcer: Tonight On Supernanny.

Rhys: Shut Up!

Tara: **** you Rhys you drunk boy

Tara: Stoppppitt!

(Footage Of Shannon & Rhys Running)

(Footage Of Shannon Crying)

Announcer: Can Jo Help spank Rhys til his butt bone breaks?

Rhys: **** you

Tara: What would you like on your sandwich Rhys! Rhys: NOTHING!!! Tara: OWW stopit!!! Tara ham or jam Rhys!!!!! Rhys: NOTHING!!! Tara: oi don't kick her Tara: Don't kick me, had enough Shannon. Tara: I will ground you so hard that your hair falls out Rhys. Shannon: (kicks mum) Tara: Oi! No!!!! DONT!! Tara: Had enough of it from Rhys!


Submission ReelEdit

Jo: Hi pricks I am here in Shenley Hertfordshire in the shitty ghetto UK ready to see a family who desperately needs my help let's take a look. At the bad ass kids.

Tara: I'm Tara Howat. I'm a single mum with 3 obnoxious children. Casey is 8 years old, she is good behaved Shannon is 7 years old and acts pretty bad, and Rhys is 4 years old, He is the ringleader of badass. Rhys is like a wild child gone wrong it's terrible

throwing things at me, swearing directly at me

Rhys: hey you're a ******

Rhys: I don't want ham or jam on sandwich ******

Rhys: da da da *********

Rhys shut up ******** !!!

Tara: YOUR'E RUDE!!!!!

Rhys ********** dog

Rhys: shut up!! I'll punch you I hate ham and jam on a sandwich!!!!

Tara: Your mouth is dirty shut up!! I will make a ham and jam sandwich!!!!

Tara: Shannon's behavior is quite bad honestly

Tara: She isn't as bad as Rhys, and told me to **** off.

Rhys must be copying Shannon's behavior

Tara: Supernanny we need you help come now to our obnoxious bratty devils

Observation ContinuesEdit

Jo knocks on the door

jo: Hello it's Jo let's get your kids shit together

tara: nice to meet you to, watch your attitude

jo: hello whats your name, sweet behaved child?

casey: I'm 8

jo: and how old are you

Rhys: 4

jo: hello Rhys shake jo Jo hand we're here to suffer til your your shit is brought together.

Tara: Now what you want on your sandwich, brat

Rhys: NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!

Rhys: hits and whacks mum

Announcer: it's supernannys first encounter with the 4 yr olds violent temper jeez!

Rhys: throws toy at mum

Announcer: now it's the school run

Tara: rhys get over here I want you on this side

Supernannys: what a bad little shit!

Supernannys: she's chasing him down the street!

Tara: COME HERE!!!!

Tara: oi! Rhys

Supernannys: Tara, calm down you lost him go find him

Parent MeetingEdit

Jo: Your bad ass shits run you nuts!

Tara: oh fuck I can't control my temper

Jo: I seen your brats punch and kick and it is unasseptable NO FLYING **** about it okay Tara ******** howat!!!!!

tara: I don't think I let them get away with to much! Their to much to deal with I just hate these bratty children's!!!!!

jo: Excuse Me! Little miss morphy

tara: I Don't want this to continue. Im leaving the meeting!

jo: your not!!! Your kids are very bad, we need to make them behave

tara: yeah I must count to three cause i m loosing it I can't have my kids spit at me no definitely not!

Jo: Tara you unresponsible pussy dick punky ass control your kids I'm here to help

tara: hmm watch your attitude, I'm trying what u expect crazy woman!!

Jo: do you want control of your kids?

Tara: yeah in the **** of Teletubbies HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jo: good

Jo: we will get rid of the spitting, biting and angry temper from Rhys.


Jo: hi guys and brats I have a schedule so u brats listen. I will introduce timeouttimeout

Rhys: (Drinks dish detergent)

Tara: u disgusting prick u want a drink brat

Rhys: NOTHiNG!!!

Jo: Rhys would you like a drink Tara we can do this.

Rhys: nothing! (hits mum)

Jo: now we do the naughty corner come on rhys.

Rhys: (crys)) want to stay there prick

Tara: NO!!

Rhys: no ****** mum (hits mum)

Tara: (drags Rhys to corner).

Rhys: ahahahaaa!!! (crys).

Jo: finally little brat Rhys gave up and is now crying!

Tara: good. now I know about the naught corner

Rhys: Ahhahahhhh!!!

Tara: I qwnat an apology Rhys

Rhys: sorry (crys).

Jo: look what Jo has got it a happy feet map.

Rhys: oh.

Announcer: the map spots local landmarks on the way home.

Tara: find the duck pond Rhys

Rhys: found it

Tara: I find this too stressing.

Tara: I found it easier with the happy feet map.

Announcer: Now it is bedtime

Tara: Shannon let's go!!

Shannon: nooo!

Shannon: ( hits mum)

Tara: I had enough Shannon.

Shannon: fuck off.

Announcer: its taken 3 hours to get kids to bed.


Jo: you will do the stay in bed technique

Tara: hmmm okay

Jo: if he comes out say nothing

Rhys: (laughs)

Tara: gets stressed out.

Rhys: gets out of bed and laughs.

Tara: DO NOT THROW!!!!!!!!

Announcer: Rhys has gotten out of bed 98 times 

Tara: Shannon let's go in the car to the park.

Shannon: no

Jo: u have a choice get in the car or not.

Shannon: I'll get in the car.

Jo: yeah!!!

Rhys:(kicks soccer ball)

Tara: let's go to tesco for food!

Rhys: stop crying you like shopping

Jo: wow strong boy.

Jo: from a boy who through food on the floor is now mums helper!

Tara: you have been so good seen we gave everyone a job

Tara: Rhys you get to ride the airplane

Announcer: the day has another obstacle bedtime.

Jo: well put him to bed together

Jo: I hope for a improvement

Tara: bedtime Rhys

Rhys: (laughs)

Tara: (puts Rhys back in bed)

Shannon: you are supposed to read us a story

Casey yeah!

Tara: yeah I'm waiting for Rhys to go to sleep.

Tara: girls go in your room.

Tara: I'll read you a story girls

Shannon: (laughs)

Casey: (laughs)

Family Test Run

Jo: Jo Jo going now see you when i get back

Jo: (leaves)

Jo: I know the kids might be bad I know Rhys might test her I hope she remembers all she's been taught.

Tara: Shannon what would you like on your sandwich.

Shannon: I don't want a sandwich.

Tara: warning no throwing a fit

Tara: right in the naughty corner Shannon.

Shannon: no 

Shannon: gets out and crys.

Tara: now what sandwich do you want

Shannon: ham and jam sorry I was bad mum

Tara: fine right then.

Jo Says Goodbye

Announcer: its time for Jo to leave the howat family

Jo: bye guys

Tara: its been great having you here!

Jo: bye.

1 month later

Announcer: A month later family life changed completely 

Rhys: (laughs) in happiness

Announcer: Rhys no longer dominates life with tantrums.

Tara: Rhys is such a good boy now from the boy I used to know.

Announcer: now Tara has more time with her daughters

Shannon: its nice to spend time with mum she cuddle us lots and lots.

Tara: I'm a better parent then I was before its brilliant

Teaching BeginsEdit

jo: hello

tara: hello

jo: ok need a reteen in this house

jo: 7:30 eveyone up

jo: rhys would you like a drink?

jo: ok how do you ask for a drink?

rys: nothing

rys: I want a drink!

jo: how do you ask for a drink?


jo: calm down

jo: say stop hitting me rhys

tara: stop hitting me rhys

tara: rhys how do you ask for a drink?

jo: this is what you do if he does something that is naughty you will come down to his level give him a warning does it again its the naughty corner and same for the girls to

tara: do not hit me

tara: do not hit mom that is naughty behavior


jo: right put him in the corner and dont talk to him

jo: walk away what you hanging around for put him back in the corner and you leave him there

jo: now you are going to get him and carry on

jo: dont smile its not a game

RHYS: F**k off!!!!!!!!!!

jo: you do not allow your son to treak you like that

rhys: I want a drink

rhys: I want to stay there

jo: ok in the corner

tara: mother put you in the naughty corner becases you kept hitting me I told you not to hit me I want you to say sorry

rhys: sorry


tara: thank you

jo: how do you ask your mom for a drink? say mom can I have a drink

rhys: mom can I have a drink

tara: yes you can rhys

jo: you did that you did that

jo hugs tara


jo: on the way home jo jo has a happy feet map

jo: ok mam up beat

tara: give me your hand lets look for the duck pond then

tara: rhys stand up

jo; look how you crossed the road look how is everone safe

jo: your putting everyone in danger

tara: yeah I know

jo: look whats happening here he is stepping out on the road there is cars everywhere

tara: yeah I know

tara: I am stressed I dont want to do it anymore

jo: so whats going to happen

tara: I am going home

tara: come on girls

tara: not doing it

jo: tara

tara: no I am not doing it

jo: tara your kids

tara: come on girls

tara: come on girls

jo: come here

tara: no I dont want to

tara: girls come on

jo: tara dont make me run girl wait

tara: no jo I dont want to do it

jo: you can do it if you give up what you saying

tara: the rest of the journey was better


tara: you read this book and you go to sleep

tara: choses one to read

jo: keep your voice nice your talking to him like he is deaf

jo: night night rhys

tara: night

tara: time for bed rhys

rhys: yeah!

tara: bed time

jo: 3rd time say nothing

rhys: yeah!

shannon: mom you are meant to read us a story

tara: I am waiting for him to sleep

rhys: door open

jo: 1 hour and 45 mins

shannon: waaaa

tara: whats going on now

tara: he is not grabbing anything

shannon: leave it alone

jo: shannon teach your brother

shannon: nooooooo

jo: lets look at the rules

casey: fine she can be the banker and I will give out the cards

shannon: noooooo

jo: no not nooo talk to each other

jo: your kids cant read you when your happy and that

tara: you did really well exilent brillian


jo: each child has a shopping list

tara: come on up you get you can help me you like shopping

tara: what we looking for theses are bannanas

tara: welldone rhys brillian very good

tara: carrots you like carrots dont you you eat then not cooked dont you

rhys: chips

tara: yes chips

jo: who said chips?

tara: rhys

tara: welldone very good

tara: welldone rhys

tara: sauce

tara; you put them in there welldone

tara: he likes them

jo: wow stronge boy

tara: thats heavey wasent it

tara: rhys have we got it all cheses milk juice

tara: you can go on the air plane

tara: for being so good and helping me shop

rhys hugs his mom

tara: put that in

tara: that went really well


tara: witch book?

tara: night

rhys: mom mom!

rhys: f***k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jo: ignore that

jo: that took less time

jo hug tara

tara: I feel great I am not tired and  I dont fell stressed

shannon: mam has been saying nice things to us it makes me feel very happy

jo hugs casey and shannon


Parent EvalationEdit

Family Test RunEdit

tara: mam do you think you can do that

tara: thats good and M

tara: and another M

shannon: I only want 1

tara: shannon I am giving you a warning now

shannon: only 1

tara: you are going to have 2 because you need a full lunch and you will get hungry

shannon: I dont get hungry

tara: right you had your warning now off you go

tara: shannon

shannon: noo

tara: stand up!

shannon: I want to go to the bathroom

tara: and you stand there

tara: I cant do this its to much with her


TARA: DO NOT HIT ME!!!!!!!!!!

Narrator: It takes well over an hour before shannon finallys stays put for the full 7 minutes/

shannon: I want my sandwich!

tara: its harder with shannon very hard, i can't

Narrator: Life's not easy with Shannon, over the next few days Tara stops talking, and starts shouting very loudly again

tara: rhys get here!

Rhys: ******** YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



tara: girls go down stairs and do something

tara: I will give you a warning

tara: right girls can you sit down plays and me silent!

tara: right warning!

tara: you go to sleep rhys I am not having this!

tara: off you go I have asked you to go down girls go down!

Narrator: When Rhys Gets out of bed, A high stressed Tara has claimed to point her finger tara: thats all because

you 2 was loud and hes gone hyper

tara: hes gone back to the way he was

tara (yelling): DO NOT THROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIGHT?!



Rhys: Right. (Sobs)


jo: when you took her back to the corner you talked to her

jo: how did you feel when that was happening

tara: very angry

jo: look at your face

tara: yeah

jo: that was ugly

tara: mm

jo: what we going to do

shannon: go in the car

jo: ok lovely good

jo: ok lets have fun in the park

jo: goal yeah give me 5

jo: sometimes you 2 bang heads together

tara: yeah we do argue dont we shannon

jo: and mam to becases she shoughts and she get angry to

jo: what do you think you to can do more to help

shannon: chat to each other

jo: yeah what else

shannon: lisen to mom

jo: thats it now your thinking

jo: how much does mam love shannon

tara: the whole world

jo: and how much does shannon love mom

shannon: lots and lots and lots

shannon: its nice to spend time with you

shannon hugs her mom


tara: rhys give that back

jo: dont get hyper with him

tara: night

casey and shannon laugh

tara: right night girls

Jo Says Goodbye AgainEdit

jo: right take care

tara: yes its nice haveing you here its been goddamn great

A month laterEdit

tara: jo has changed my life and my familys life