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Jo goes to Hertfordshire to help the Howat Family. Single mom, Tara (30) is mother to three children, Casey (8), Shannon (7) and hot tempered Rhys (4). The youngest two are the ones who misbehave. Due to Rhys hot temper, Shannon and Casey don't get attention, Rhys bites, hits, kicks and has a potty mouth. He throws temper tantrums and can have quite a hot temper and a potty mouth. Shannon is 7 going on 17 and can get physical with her mom. Meanwhile, Casey has given up on getting time with her mom.


Jo visits the Howat family and Tara does breakfast. She asks ham on Rhys sandwich in breakfast, But hot tempered Rhys isn't happy with ham on his sandwich so he yells and screams. His mum makes ham on his sandwich as Rhys hits and bites Tara. On the school run, Rhys runs all around and his mum has to try to catch him. After school they go food shopping, Rhys uses the food and packed cheese and plays with it. Outside of the food market, Rhys runs off in the street and his older sisters have to catch him. Back at home Tara started crying that Rhys misbehaved and she lost control, She had bought bread and cheese from the food shops.

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Jo's head overwhelming the TV screen during the Howat Parent Meeting


  • When Jo and Tara have their Parent Meeting, the close-ups on Jo are disorienting. Her head more than fills the entire screen. The close-ups get closer and closer as the Parent Meeting goes on. It seems slightly more up-close and insane in the US version than the UK version.
  • It has 3 EDM/drum and bass by The electronic band The Five Sinch Stars.
  • This episode was filmed in May 5th - 19th 2006.
  • Rhys always acts out in public.
  • Rhys has a hot tempered behavior.

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