The House Rules are rules that children must follow. If a rule is broken, then the parent(s) must enforce a consequence, such as time out or loss of privileges.

House Rules are among the first things Jo implements when she begins teaching.


  1. Decide on ten realistic rules which you, your child(ren) and co-parent agree you can stick to.
  2. Write the rules out and stick them on your fridge for all to see, near the Reward Chart . Use pictures or symbols for younger children. Try to write your expectations in a positive way where possible, for example, 'everyone must speak politely' instead of 'no swearing'; and  'put toys in box at the end of the day' instead of 'don’t make a mess'.
  3. Refer to these rules when you’re going about your daily routine, and remember to praise your children when they do follow the House Rules.
  4. Be consistent, if you change the rules your child may feel cheated and break them.
  5. If a rule is broken, remind your child what it is - "remember, 'no swearing' is one of our house rules", or you might consider some form of discipline, for example the Naughty Step technique.