Hollis ”Holly” Tafoya (born December 1980 or 1981 Or 1982) is the ex-wife of Jimmy and the mother of James, Tyler & Ryan.

During the Parent Evaluation, Jo reviewed footage showing Holly squeezing some liquid soap into James's mouth as punishment for using vulgar words. When Jo confronted Holly about this, she left the evaluation meeting and said she didn't want Jo's help anymore. But, she changed her mind and came back, thanks to Jimmy reminding her that the contract states that a Lein will be placed on their houses and cars if she did not finish filming[hollynote 1]. Some time after Supernanny, she and Jimmy got divorced and she gave birth to a daughter Serenity in 2008

Holly was 26 years old at the time of her appearance on Supernanny and is now 36 or 37 in 2017.


  1. According to Holly based on her edits.

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