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In the third-season opener, Jo travels to the small town of Ayr, Scotland, where a single mother is in over her head. Kerry (28) has a eleven-year-old Boy named Nathaniel, nine-year-old Ryan, and eight-year-old Jake, and her live-in boyfriend Steven (40), have a six-year-old Called Bryce, and three-year-old identical twin boys named David and Declan. Ryan, and Nathaniel is hot-tempered, ringleaders of the gang, angry, act out disrespectfully, and extremely aggressively. He can go on very explosive rampage.

Meanwhile, David, Declan, Jake, and Bryce doesn't act out as much as Ryan and Nathaniel, but they also very disrespectful. They can be very defiant, extremely stubborn, rude, swear, name call and sometimes can be aggressive.

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  • According to various news articles, a scene where Kerry loses it after Ryan deliberately spills a cup of milk became a minor YouTube sensation with over 15,000 views. The news articles all feature Kerry complaining about the embarrassment of this video, despite the fact that all the news coverage would only make it more likely for people to look up the video and watch it. (It can't be found on YouTube any longer.)
  • This is the only episode that the family fails by Supernanny.

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British 'Supernanny' family blame depiction for community backlash - UPI News Service, 05/13/2006

Supernanny Mum's Fury A Hit On YouTube - Daily Record, 10/13/2007

We were ruined by reality TV: The humiliated families who dreamed they would be stars - Daily Mail, 01/03/2008

WE'VE BEEN STITCHED UP BY SUPERNANNY; EXCLUSIVE Scots family claim X-rated show has left them mortified. - Scottish Daily Record, 2006. In this article, we learn Steven is only father to the twins (David and Declan), and that Kerry is a single mother. Steven was living with them at the time of Supernanny, but apparently no longer.

Television has been given a morality bypass - Daily Mail, 10/13/2007

Mum's YouTube Fury - Press Team Scotland, 2005

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