Hayley Porter (born July 16, 1967) is the ex-wife of Merrill and the mother of Jake (deceased), Madison and Harry.

She was very over-protective towards Maddison as she lost her first baby. She would also take Maddy and Harry out with her just to show them off as status symbols for parents.

Sometime after 2012, she and Merrill Porter had divorced.


  • "Every single day is a battle. No matter, what we do, no matter where we go, it is a constant battle." - Hayley, regarding Maddison's tantrums.
  • "Absolutely no chance. How DARE you! How DARE YOU do that to me!"
  • "You keep that belt on like that. Got it?!"
  • "Get in there, NOW! (x2)
  • "No, Harry, no!" (US airing only)
  • "No, Harry! Don't do that! No!" (US airing only)
  • "We are going shopping for a few items!"
  • "I want you in that shower! Now stop it!"
  • "What did I say to you?" (UK airing only)

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