Hayden Andrew Bowersock (born June 7, 2000) is the middle child of Thad & Jenniffer, the younger brother of Madeline and the older brother of Lily. He is also the uncle of his sister Madeline's daughter Faith Bowersock.

He was the worst of the three. He was aggravating and is seen being aggressive and disrespectful. Hayden was seen in the Naughty Corner three times.

In Observation, Hayden was talking back to his mom and being disrespectful.

In Reinforcement, Hayden was put on the Naughty Corner for refusing to listen and do as he was told when his dad told him to eat his ham sandwich.

He was 6 of his appearance on Supernanny and as of 2018, he is 18 years old.

Links Edit

Hayden's Facebook page - In a recent post he says his birthday is June 7.