Episode summary Edit

Jacob (27) and Erin (29) have 3 sons - Jake (11), Ian (5) and Grant (3). The latter two children respectively attack each other and run amok towards the rest of the family. In addition, eating out has led to embarrassment due to Ian and Grant's disorderly behavior. Furthermore, Grant is noted to evict his father from his bed to sleep with his mother in the middle of the night.

Can Jo help Erin and Jacob restore their authority as parents towards Ian and Grant?

Recap Edit

Main Article: Harmony Family/Recap

Also see episode recap on Blisstree

Video Edit

Full episode on YouTube

Family members Edit

Jacob Harmony, 27

Erin Harmony, 29

Jake harmony, 11

Ian Harmony, 5

Grant Harmony, 3

External LinksEdit

Jake & Erin on Facebook (note: Their FB has apparently merged together).

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