Hancox-Smith Family
UK Series 4, UK Episode 1
Hancox-Smith Family
Air Date August 29, 2007
Techniques Naughty Point,Stay in Bed,Reward Chart,Loss of Privilages
Previous Douglas Family Revisit
Next Porter Family


Episode summary Edit

Supernanny's first port of call is Liverpool, home to the Hancox-Smith family. Parents Jenny and Simon are fighting a losing battle with all of their three children: Cameron (age 8), Flynn (age 5) and Madison (age 2). The baby of the family has a vice like grip over Mum. Madison is almost three, but she still demands breastmilk or what she calls “mimi”, on tap, morning, noon and night. Despite having a bedroom of her own, Maddie has always slept in Jenny’s bed, whilst dad beds down with the boys. The couple haven’t slept in the same bed for five years! Maddie and her mom can't bear to be apart. Meanwhile, the two oldest children are acting out and ruling the roost. They fight aggressively towards each other. They are very explosive and angry towards their parents. They give death threats, cuss, scream, shout, and name call. Mum and Dad handles the boys by getting angry at them by shouting and getting aggressive towards them.

But can she get Maddie off the “mimi”, the boys to tow the line and get Dad back in the marital bed? Or could Mum and Dad’s tempers prove the biggest challenge?

Description Edit

"Observation" Supernanny visits the Hancox-Smith family and as she observes it's time for Jenny to take her kids shopping, but before they can leave, Madison needs some breastmilk. Jenny tells Jo about Madison feeding. After breastfeeding, the kids sit down in the car, but the boys are fighting and Madison throws a massive fit over Jenny putting her seatbelt on. 40 minutes pass and the family hasn't left. But after calming down Madison with breastmilk, Jenny and the kids can leave. But Madison continues her tantrum and hits Flynn in the face, making him cry. Supernanny steps in and tells Jenny that she could've seen her kids acting up in her back mirror, but she doesn't have one. As Jenny continues the journey, Flynn begins moaning again, because he also hates seatbelts. Jo sees that Flynn isn't wearing his seatbelt. When she sees the traffic lights, she stops her car, tells the other cars to wait and tells Jenny to put her son's seatbelt on. When Jenny continues the journey once more, Flynn sets off again when Cameron hurts him. Jenny is fed up with dealing with her screaming children and stops the car to cry, as Jo comforts her. After that, Jenny has finished her destination to the shops, but it has taken over 90 minutes to complete it. When the family gets home, Flynn kicks off and is confronted by Jenny. As Flynn screams, he tells his mother that he hates Jo and calls her names. Jenny leaves Simon to take care of Flynn, who is still acting up. During bedtime, Jo sees that Jenny sleeps with Madison, who is still feeding and Simon sleeps with the boys.

"Family Test Run" Family life is good and Madison doesn't use breastmilk anymore. 2 days after Supernanny left, Flynn starts to misbehave after refusing to come to the car so Jenny can take them to school. After a few times, Simon puts Flynn in the Naughty Point. Instead of the battle over bedtime, Madison is happy to sleep in her bed, but Cameron acts up in the night. The next day, Cameron continues to become disrespectful and curses at his parents. This leads to Simon placing Cameron in the Naughty Point. As the days pass, Cameron screams at Jenny to take him to school and after his mother curses at him, he pours orange juice at the front door. At the end of the week, Simon helps Cameron to get ready for his school dance, but he refuses to wear jeans. When Simon gets the jeans on Cameron, he begins crying and screaming. When Jenny is left to take care of Cameron, her son continues his fit when he is late for his school dance. She back-kicks Cameron in the face, causing him to high-pitched scream in pain even harder!

Family members Edit

Since this episode, it appears Simon and Jenny are no longer together.

Links Edit

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