Hailey Moy is the oldest child of Michelle and Harding and older sister of Camryn and Matthew.

Appearance on Supernanny

Hailey had mood swings and she was seen being sassy, and rude emotionally. She had a strained relationship with her mom, Michelle and they would argue over situations. Hailey would sometimes be aggressive with her mom by grabbing and slapping her hand. Hailey did that because she wants her mom to get off and leave her alone, or when she wants her mom to stop pointing and shaking her finger at her face because it's intimidating to her.

As long as Hailey's mom, Michelle having to be very controlling with her and her bad behavior by giving her random punishments for when discipline doesn't even work in the family house.

Hailey also had a strained relationship with her sister Camryn. She felt that Camryn was lying to her parents to get her in trouble for something that Camryn did.

She was also jealous of the time her mom Michelle spent with her siblings and gave them positive attention, and acted out because of her father frequently traveling for work.

She took fencing lessons and got to show her fencing skills during teaching when she and Harding wrote out their frustrations with each other on a large balloon dragon, then popped each balloon with a foil.

During reinforcement after Hailey's fight with her mom during family test run, Jo decided to take them to an outdoor rock climbing. In that day there were about 6 different envelopes that were put into different spots of the rock climbing tower. Each envelope had an important message in order to build their relationship. So Hailey climbs on the tower and put the envelopes into different spots of the tower. Then her mom climbs to grab the envelopes and read the messages out loud to make her feel confident as a parent. In the last message Jo spelled out what Hailey wanted from her mom, was to "love her". Her mom broke down in tears and hugged Hailey and Hailey hugged her as well.