Episode summary

In this special, Supernanny Mike Ruggles meets Allen (39) and Roberta Griswold (40). They have two daughters, Brianna (16) and Lauren (11) and two sons, Joe (7) and Alex (2). 

Roberta is unable to gain control over her kids. Joe is out of control, running around the supermarket, pushing his siblings around, writing swear words on the supermarket freezer doors, and breaking bottles in the aisles. She handles the kids by venting out her frustration with her negatively on the children which is breaking their spirits. Allen has a short fuse and can't stand the chaos. Brianna has a drinking problem, partly due to hanging out with college kids and the parents' lack of authority. 

Mike is determined to get to the bottom of the negativity in the house, which he feels is the root of the family's problems. Roberta gives up and Allen breaks into tears. Can he help?  

Family members

Roberta Griswold, 40 

Allen Griswold, 39 

Brianna Griswold, 16 

Lauren Griswold, 11 

Joe Griswold, 7 

Alex Griswold, 2 

Season 6
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