Grant James Harmony (born January 31, 2003) is Erin and Jacob's youngest child, younger brother of Jake and Ian.

Suffering from separation anxiety, he clings to his mother, Erin, hits her with objects, throws tantrums in public, bites furniture if he doesn't get his way and runs after the car when Erin drives away to go to work or run errands. He even evicts Jacob from his bed in order to sleep with his mother in the middle of the night. When he isn't screaming, he is loudly grunting or crying.

He was 3 years old when he appeared on Supernanny and now 15 years old in 2018.


  • "No. Mommy, I want to go with you."
  • "Oh I want to eat DESSEEEEEEEERT!"
  • "I need a knife!"


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