The Gormley-Brickley Family is the second episode of series 4 of the British Supernanny show. It was remade and re-released as the twelfth episode of season 5 of the American Supernanny show.

Episode summary

Dr. Steve Brickley & Dr. Ann Gormley can't control their four children, fraternal twins Aiden and Ella (4 nearly 5) and identical twins Louis and Ciaran (2 1/2). The younger set of twins refuse to eat solid foods, the older set don't like to wear nappies and their mother take them out to walk for exercise. Can Jo help this family out?

Family members

Person Age Relation to Family
Steve Brickley N/A Father
Ann Gormley N/A Mother
Aiden Brickley 4 Son
Ella Brickley 4 Daughter
Louis Brickley 2.5 Son
Ciaran Brickley 2.5 Son

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