Announcer: Tonight, on Supernanny: Jo meets the Gorbea Family, whose mom shoulders all the household responsibilities, while her two-year old is stuck to her like glue. Jo has two weeks to pry this mom from her son's grip, get Dad to pull his weight around the house, and give the family back the peace and quiet they desperately desire.

(Opening credits play)

Submission Reel

The taxi drives down a sunny street. Jo opens her DVD player.

Jo: Right, then! Let's see who we've got here.

Robert: Well, we're the Gorbea Family. I'm Robert. I'm a service technician for a local phone company.


Evelina: And I'm Evelina, and I'm a collections rep for the phone company. We've known each other since I was in my teens. (Younger 

picture of Evelina and Robert appears on screen, followed by footage of Demetrius and Meya playing Sorry 

with Adam.) We have three children. Demetrius is 9, Meya is 8.

Demetrius and Meya (sitting together in bedroom): Cha-cha-cha!

Evelina: And Adam is two and a half.

Adam looks thoughtfully up at the camera, then suddenly screams and wanders off.

Evelina: Supernanny, you have met your match with Adam. (Footage of Adam clinging to Evelina and screaming.) Adam is just clinging to me always, from the time that he wakes up till the time we're out the door, he's just very determined, he's relentless.

Jo shakes her head at this.

Jo: Too much, too much.

Evelina: He gets very jealous when anybody gets close to me.

Meya sits with some papers on the floor. Evelina pulls Adam away from Meya.

Evelina: Adam, no! Why are you doing that?

Meya (to camera): He's a pain in the butt.

Adam crawls all over Evelina on the couch. Demetrius and Meya sadly look on.

Evelina (offscreen): I think Demetrius and Meya feel neglected.

Meya (to camera): He hogs her. He's a Mom Hog.

Robert and Evelina sit in the living room. Adam charges happily at Evelina, landing in her arms. They hug.

Evelina (pretend growling): Arrr! Arrr!

Evelina: Usually every night, I have to wait for Adam to go to bed before I can go to bed. I'll try and put him in his crib, but he'll kick and scream.

Evelina struggles to get Adam to bed.

Evelina: Do you want to sleep in your bed now?

Adam: No.

Adam continues to fight bedtime, emitting little shrieks all the while.

Evelina: Sometimes I just get too tired to stay up. And I'm the last one to fall asleep in this house.

Evelina sits on the couch, watching Adam scream.

Evelina (to camera): Like right now, I'm just very frustrated and angry.

Robert: Sounds like I'm not even here! (Evelina gives him some side-eye and a small, incredulous grunt.) Well?

Evelina: Physically, you are!

Footage of Robert eating dinner on the couch, watching TV while the children eat at the dining table.

Evelina: I need Robert to be more involved. It's a lot to take on.

Robert: I help.

Evelina: Robert, you're-- You're sitting on your famous chair and you're trying to watch TV?

The famous chair is a shiny black rocking recliner. Robert is shown sleeping in it, as well as sitting down in it as he takes up the TV remote. Meanwhile, Evelina washes dishes in the kitchen.

Robert: When I come home, I'm exhausted. I have a real rigorous job. I don't do girly dishes, that's for girls, right?

At this statement, Jo looks up from the DVD player to glare at the camera with a mixture of confusion and criticism.She resumes viewing the Submission Reel.

Adam clings to Evelina's leg as she attempts to walk down the hall.

Evelina (shrilly): I can't go anywhere with you like that, come on! Adam!

Adam screams while Robert sits on the couch watching TV. Jo plugs her ears.

Evelina: Supernanny, please. We need your help.

Demetrius: We really want Supernanny to come.

Jo (closing DVD player): Stand by, Gorbea Family! I'm on my way.

The taxi arrives at the Gorbea Family home.



Jo knocks on the door of the Gorbea Family home. Evelina answers it.

Jo: Hiya!

Evelina: Hi!

Jo: How are you? Pleased to meet you.

Evelina: Pleased to meet you! (They shake hands.) I'm Evelina.

Jo: Jo. Frost! Pleased to meet you.

Evelina (interview): Mary Poppins was on [sic] my door! My first impression.

Jo greets Adam and Meya, who are sitting on the living room floor.

Jo: How are you?

Meya: Good.

Jo: What's your name?

Meya: Meya.

Jo: Hi, Meya, pleased to meet you, I'm Jo!

Jo bends down and shakes hands with Meya as she stands up.

Jo (interview): When I first met the family, they were very warm and inviting.

Jo: Hi, Demetrius, pleased to meet you!

Jo (interview): Their mom seemed very relieved to see me.

Adam: Adam.

Jo: Adam! Pleased to meet you.

Jo holds out her hand to Adam, who is busy playing Sorry with his siblings.

Evelina (offscreen): Adam, shake her hand.

Jo: Pleased to meet you! (They shake hands.)

Evelina (interview): I was just really excited. She was very sweet, very nice.

Jo: Evelina--

Evelina: Yes?

Jo: I know you've got some issues that need to be addressed.

Evelina: Definitely!

Jo: OK? And I'm here to resolve those. Just carry on as normal, and I'm gonna to sit back and watch you. All right?

Evelina: OK.

Adam's drama


Jo sits on the living room floor with the Gorbea children.

Jo: I'm just gonna sit here and watch you play, OK?

Jo (interview): Adam is a little boy who has an enormous amount of energy.

Adam picks up Sorry cards and throws them around with a smile.

Evelina (offscreen): Here.

Jo (interview): My God. Does he have a temper.

Adam screams as Evelina refuses to pick him up.

Evelina: Stop!

Adam screams some more and throws himself on her feet. Jo sits on the couch and gazes helplessly at the camera.

Jo: Oh, he's clinging on for dear life there!

Evelina: Especially if I want-- If I manage to get away from him, then he'll run and charge me. And that's when he'll throw himself on me, and then-- (Shrugs)

Jo (interview): It would be really hard to believe that Adam was separated at birth from his mother. Because he is totally attached to her hip, 24/7.


Jo sits on the living room couch, looking at Adam curled up with his arms locked around Evelina's legs.

Jo: So then, he's got you completely locked down, then, ball and chain?

Evelina: Yes.

Jo: So what do you do now, in a situation like this?

Evelina: Um, usually I'll just try and get away.

Jo: Yeah?

Evelina: And then he'll come chasing me around the house. (Adam continues to scream and whimper, clinging to her ankles.) Adam, please--

Adam (screaming): No!

Evelina walks away. The footage speeds up as Adam continues to shriek and follow Evelina out of the living room. Jo looks dumbfounded. Footage of Adam chasing Evelina through the house continues, with high-pitched shrieking and crying all the way.

Evelina (interview): I just wanted to scream for help.

Jo stands up from the couch with a smile, then looks at the camera.

Jo (to camera): We're going full circle here!

Evelina (interview): I get very frustrated.

Jo stands in the kitchen doorway, looking at Evelina and Adam in the kitchen. Evelina is holding Adam in her arms while he dramatically sobs.

Evelina (interview): So, you know, I give into him.

Jo (interview): No one gets a chance to watch any programs they like when Adam wants to watch the television.

Adam sits in an armchair that sits almost directly in front of the TV. He watches a movie. Evelina stands next to him, waiting for him to turn the TV off.

Evelina: No...No. Turn it off. (Turns off TV)

Adam (screaming): No!

Meya lies on the floor of her bedroom, doing homework over the sounds of Adam's obnoxious screams. He emits a series of angry, dolphin-pitched screams as Evelina tries guiding him away from the TV.

Jo (interview): And even if they try to resist it, Adam has a floor display.

Adam sobs dramatically in front of the TV, pressing his hands and face against the blank, light gray screen. It looks as if the TV is still in video mode and just the movie has been stopped. From the couch, Jo looks on in silent consternation.


Adam: No, no, no! (Sadly) My TV. (Desperately, with a burst of emotion) MY TV!!!

Adam sobs some more in front of the TV. Demetrius sits slumped in Robert's famous chair. He picks his nails and glances anxiously at Adam's emotional display, then back to his fingernails. Evelina strides purposefully into the living room.

Evelina: No, no more. Come on. (Turns TV off.)

Adam: No, I want my TV!!

Evelina: Come on.

Evelina leads Adam away from the TV. Adam clings to Evelina's legs as she walks away.

Adam: My TV! My TV!

He falls on his knees, which makes Evelina unable to walk anymore.

Evelina: OK, that's enough. RIght now. Adam, come on. Get up!

Adam: My TV, my TV!

Evelina: Get up, stop. No.

Meanwhile, Demetrius has walked himself up to the top of the living room doorway, his feet firmly placed on each side of the doorframe. Meya stands behind him in the hallway, looking on.

Jo (interview): I really don't know how Evelina gets anything done in that house. Because Adam takes up all of Mom's time.


Very sad music plays throughout this segment.

Jo (interview): In the afternoon, I had the chance to have a one-to-one talk to Meya and Demetrius.

Jo enters the kitchen, where Demetrius stands at the counter, working on a project.

Jo: So you came into Mommy earlier, and said the noise was really loud?

Demetrius: M-hm.

Jo: Do you find it really irritating, and- And--

Demetrius: Yeah.

Jo: And too loud for you?

Demetrius: Every day.

Jo: Every day? Every day Adam is like that?

Demetrius: M-hm.

Jo: Right. And what do you do?

Demetrius (shaking his head): Try and hide in my room.

Jo sits with Meya on the kitchen floor.

Jo: So, do you get time with Mommy?

Meya: Not that much.

Jo: Not that much? Why is that?

Meya: Huh?

Jo: Why is that?

Meya: 'Cause Adam.

Back to Demetrius in the kitchen with his paper project.

Demetrius: He always wants to hang onto her and be with her. And we hardly ever get time with Mom.

Back to Meya on the floor with Jo.

Meya: He hogs her.

Jo: He hogs her?

Back to Demetrius in the kitchen.

Jo: Huh. How does that make you feel?

Demetrius: I just wish that we could go on a vacation without Adam.

Jo looks on sadly, then makes a pouty face at the camera.


Jo (interview): Demetrius and Meya are really missing out on their mom's love, attention, and time.

Evelina steps into the living room with Adam in her arms. Demetrius eats lunch at the dining table, looking on. Meya also eats lunch and watches as Evelina picks Adam up to comfort him through one of his crying fits.

Jo (interview): 'Cause it's always about Adam. And that's really, really sad.

Dad home from work

Cha-cha music plays as Robert enters the house.

Evelina: Hi.

Jo: Hello.

Robert: Hello! How are you?

Jo: How are you, pleased to meet you!

Robert: I'm Robert.

Jo: I'm Jo Frost.

They shake hands.

Jo (interview): The first thing that he introduced me to, was transition time.

Robert sits in his famous chair. Having taken off his work boots, he changes into slippers as Jo observes. He and Jo stand in the kitchen as he explains his routine.

Robert: Normally, when I get home, I do a thing called transition time. I'll relax for maybe about 15 minutes.

Jo: Yeah.

Robert: I won't allow the kids to uh, bombard me with anything 'cause usually the house is pretty hectic by the time I get home.

Evelina (interview): He'll just sit on the couch and just, do nothing. So, when that's his time, it's his time-- Only. And nobody can approach him and you know, talk to him.

Robert sits down in his famous chair and hikes the leg rest up. The kids run around and babble happily while Robert sits in his chair, oblivious to his surroundings.

Evelina: Calm down, you guys, this is a madhouse! Calm down!

Sitting on the couch, Jo raises her brows at the camera. Robert sits in his chair, determinedly staring at the TV.

Evelina: You guys, did you not know the ice cream was out there?

Jo (interview): It's the busiest time in the house.

Adam screams. Evelina does laundry. The kids play in Meya's room.

Evelina: You guys, calm down! You're too loud!

Jo (interview): And Dad's out of action.


Robert continues to just sit in his chair watching TV.

Evelina (interview): It shouldn't be just one person doing 110 percent. (Footage of Evelina continuing to do laundry.) And the other person sitting on his throne. It's exhausting.

Adam clings to Evelina and sobs. Evelina carries him on her hip as she tries to continue making dinner.

Evelina: Stop. Be quiet.

Jo (interview): Evelina was just doing everything. And she needed a break. And she handed Adam over to Dad.

Evelina: What are you doing?

In the living room, Evelina passes Adam to Robert. Adam gives more high-pitched shrieks of protest.

Jo (interview): And Adam didn't like that at all. So he got aggressive, and he started pinching Dad? And Dad just-- Just really couldn't cope.

Jo enters the hallway. Adam screams and runs away from Robert. Robert rubs his face and neck.

Robert: He just pinched me and bit me.

Jo: There?

Robert: He pinched me.

Robert (interview. over footage of Robert eating alone in his famous chair at a TV tray): We're just usually reluctant to intervene, because he just starts crying even more. At that point, I just put him down. "Go find your mom!" (Laughs)

Announcer: Coming up, on Supernanny: Adam puts Mom to bed. And Jo exposes Robert's hidden agenda. When Supernanny returns.


In the living room, Jo looks on as Evelina hugs and kisses Demetrius goodnight.

Evelina: Goodnight. I'll be up there soon. (Sits down at dining table)

Demetrius: Goodnight, Mom.

Evelina: You guys brush your teeth and clean up? Stop it, Demetrius.

Robert (offscreen): Yeah, they did.

Meya hugs and kisses Evelina next.

Evelina: Demetrius, stop it.

Meya: Goodnight, Mom.

Jo observes Evelina changing Adam into jammies, then letting Adam have free rein of the house. He leans over the arm of Robert's famous chair, reaching down to a large pile of toys scattered at the base of the chair.

Jo (interview): I really couldn't believe at nine o'clock at night, Adam was emptying his toy box. When Mom tried putting Adam into his crib, he was refusing to go in, point blank.

Night-vision footage of Evelina putting Adam in his crib while Jo looks on. Adam kicks and screams.

Adam: No! No! No! No! No! No!

Adam's cries of "No!" devolve into general screams. He stands up in his crib and reaches up for Evelina, who picks him up. He sobs.

Evelina: It's so hard to get Adam to go to sleep in his own bed. By this time Robert's tired, I'm tired...We all just want to go to sleep.

Jo (interview): She has to wait until he decides that he's ready to go to bed.


A Disney movie starts on the living room TV. Adam stands in front of the screen. Evelina cleans up in the kitchen. Jo checks her watch.

Jo (to camera): It's half-past nine. Mom's out in the kitchen, still working. Dad's gone off to bed. And Adam's watching cartoons.

On the TV, the credits to A Goofy Movie begin.

Jo (to camera): This is not working. Seriously isn't working. And it needs to change now.

Evelina: Let's turn Goofy off.

She reaches for the off button of the TV. Adam starts, then jumps out of the chair.

Adam: No! No! (Evelina turns the TV off.) No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No, no, NO!!!!

Adam starts screaming again. Jo watches Evelina pick him up.

Evelina: Come on. Come go to bed with Mommy.

Jo (interview): As she picked him up and took him into her bedroom, he refused.

Jo looks on as Evelina carries a crying Adam into her bedroom.

Evelina: Ow! OK, he got me on the neck. Ow!

Adam repeatedly pinches Evelina's neck.

Jo (interview): Adam's so desperate to cling onto Evelina that he pinches and scratches.

Evelina and Jo stand in hallway. Evelina continues to carry Adam. They talk over his sobs.

Jo: So that's what he always does?


Evelina: He grabs me by my throat and my neck and, to just squeeze me as hard as he can. And his nails dig into me.

Close-up of Evelina's red, abused neck.

Jo (interview): Evelina was in real pain! And it was just awful to watch.

Evelina: I just have to keep him-- Keep him away.

Back in the living room, Evelina turns A Goofy Movie back on. The clock shows the time of seven minutes after ten. Adam jumps happily on the sofa, watching the movie. An exhausted Evelina sits next to him, just waiting for him to be ready for bed. Jo observes them from the other couch across the room.

Evelina: Settle down. Stop. Stop. Ready to go to bed?

Adam: No.

Evelina: Please? (She lets out a huge yawn.)

Adam: No.

Jo throws her hands up in silent consternation. Evelina falls asleep sitting up. Adam jumps around on the floor, then climbs on Evelina. Jo shakes her head at the camera. Adam climbs on the other sofa next to Jo and calls to Evelina from across the room.

Adam: Wanna play?

Evelina: No, I don't wanna play. I wanna go to sleep.

Adam turns the TV off as the movie ends. Evelina is now completely laid out on the couch.

Evelina: Bed?

Adam: Yeah.

Evelina carries Adam out of the living room.

Evelina: I'm sleepy, now it's Adam's turn to go to sleep. OK?

Adam: Yes....

Jo waves goodbye from the bedroom doorway.

Jo: Evelina, goodnight. I'm going to let you go get some rest.

Evelina: OK.

Night-vision of footage of the master bedroom. Robert stirs as Evelina sits on the bed with Adam. Robert sits up and waves goodbye at Jo.

Evelina: Goodnight. Thank you.

Jo: Goodnight, Adam. (To camera) It's now quarter to eleven, and Adam has now decided that he wants to go to bed, so everybody can go to bed now. What a palaver. I just can't wait to get into this house tomorrow and change everything.

Parents Meeting

Jo (interview): When I first meet a family, I go in and watch the dynamics between the children and the parents. After yet another big tantrum, it was time for me to sit down with the Gorbea Family.

Jo, Robert and Evelina stand in the kitchen.

Jo: Evelina and Robert, I've seen more than enough. So let's sit down and have a talk. OK?

Evelina: OK.

They exit the kitchen.

Evelina (interview): I'm really, really, really nervous. 'Cause she's there to be judgmental, and I'm not used to that.

The three sit down at the dining table and smile at each other.

Jo: Robert and Evelina, I know you love your kids. You know, that's clear as day for me. And I can see that. And that heart shows very clearly. But I'm here to talk about the things that need to change. Adam controlling this house has to stop. You guys have lost control. Where is your authority in this house? Adam screams. He kicks. He is aggressive. Why have you not dealt with the aggression, Evelina? Why do you allow your son to pull your hair, mark your neck, and treat you the way he treats you?

Evelina: I don't know what to do. Inside, I'm screaming and crying. But I'm probably just as attached to him as he is to me.

Jo: You treat him like a baby, and he behaves like a baby. It isn't working.

Evelina: I know.

Jo: He's two years old. When he screams, he doesn't get told that that behavior is unacceptable. He gets placed onto your hip so that that screaming will stop. Let's move onto bedtime. Adam decides when he goes to bed, and he decides (points to Evelina) when you go to bed.


Evelina: I mean, I can't just make him fall asleep at the time I want him to. I'd love that. If eight o'clock was the time that he can fall asleep, then I would definitely have him in bed at eight o'clock.

Jo: So Adam yet again dictates when he's going to bed. And you go to put him in his crib. And he doesn't want to be in his crib.

Evelina: I mean, he's always slept with me. Almost every single night.

Jo: You've let this go on for far too long. Now, Demetrius and Meya. Lovely kids. Don't you know how much they're suffering? Meya wants her mommy's time.

Evelina: Yeah.

Jo: And so does Demetrius.

Evelina: Yeah.

Jo: And they need that. And that responsibility, you've both walked away from. You both need to come together equally. Robert, your transition period is how long?

Robert: 15 minutes.

Jo: 15 minutes? You could have fooled me, Robert. 'Cause I think it's going on all night! (Robert smirks. He and Evelina both laugh.) You sit down in your chair, "throne," television on, and you can see with your own eyes what's going on all around you. But your butt does not get up from that seat and do anything. Why?

Robert (chuckling): 'Cause I don't feel like it. (Shrugs)


Jo: It wouldn't harm you to put your hands in the sink and do a bit of washing up. It wouldn't harm you to discipline your own children. It wouldn't harm you to upgrade yourself a little bit and put yourself out there?

Robert: I suppose I could try.

Robert (interview): It was kind of a humbling thing. She blew my transition time out of the water. I was getting away with it, and now she came and messed it up for me.

Jo: And now, are you willing and committing to want change?

Evelina: Absolutely. (Robert nods in agreement.) I'm ready.

Jo: Yeah? Great. OK then!

Evelina (interview): When Jo was telling me how Adam was not my little baby, that almost made me cry. To separate myself from that, is just really hard for me to do.

Announcer: Coming up on Supernanny: Robert ventures into unknown territory. And will Evelina find the strength to separate herself from her baby? When Supernanny returns.

Teaching begins

Jo gets out of the taxi and strides up the walkway to the Gorbea Family home. In the house, the family gathers around her.

Jo: Hi, guys, come around me! I have something I want to show you all.

Jo (interview): Day 1 of Teaching, I went into the house and gave the Gorbea Family a new routine.

Jo posts the routine next to the kitchen doorway.

Jo: The Family Schedule!

Evelina: All right!


Jo (interview): Mom desperately needs help, and Dad needs to get more involved! With his family.

Jo: Dad, we're doing Chore Time on the weekend. (Robert looks at the schedule with confusion.) From 11 to 12:30. OK? And then between 1 and 3, Dad, I would like you to take all three children out. The fact is-- Mom, break time. In that period. That means, no chores. It's You Time, OK?

Evelina (interview): I need Robert to realize how important his help is, and how it can bring us together as well. Although, I don't know what I'm going to do with myself for two hours without my kids. I don't know what that's like!

Evelina: We'll see how well we can apply that.

Jo: Oh, we're gonna do this! We're gonna do this! We're gonna do this and change things here.

Off-the-Hip technique

Jo (interview): Every time Adam screams and shouts, Evelina picks him up. And that's only teaching Adam, if he screams and shouts, he gets his way.

Adam fusses and cries as Evelina sits on the floor with him in the kitchen. Robert and Jo also sit on the kitchen floor. Robert looks on while Jo coaches Evelina.

Jo: Give him a choice. "You can either sit, in your chair and eat your sandwich, or you can go and play."

Adam: No, no!

Jo (interview): I'm introducing a special technique called the Off-the-Hip technique. To detach a clingy child from his mother.


Evelina: Adam! Adam, look at me! (Title card reads, "Off-the Hip Technique - Step 1: Do not pick up child.") Now you can sit in your highchair and eat your sandwich, or you can go and play. Which one do you want to do?

Jo (interview): When your child is putting their hands up, wanting to be picked up, you come down to your child's level, you use eye contact, and in a very calm voice you ask the child to stop screaming.

Jo takes these steps in the kitchen with Adam.

Adam (screaming and swiping his fist at Jo): NO!!

Jo: Come here. Over here, Evelina. (Title card reads: "Off-the-Hip Technique - Step 2: Go down to child's level. Ask child to calm down.") Tell him to stop crying.

Evelina: Stop crying.

Jo: And stop screaming.

Evelina: Stop crying. Stop crying. Stop crying... (Robert drums his fingers on his forehead as he looks patiently at the floor throughout the chaos. Adam starts bellowing deep, obnoxious sobs.)

Jo: Evelina, Evelina. When he starts clinging onto you, don't take him-- (Mimes reaching out for Adam, then shakes her hands free) Let go. Give him that space. Let go.

Adam (still sobbing): MOM!!!

Evelina and Robert get up off the floor. Adam continues to sob, and now lies pathetically on the floor. Title card reads, "Off-the-Hip Technique - Step 3: If child continues to cling, move away and ignore."

Jo: The reason why he kicks and screams, and holds onto you is because you latch on, too. (Adam moves a small chair over to Evelina and starts reaching for her arms.) And he will do what he's doing now, which is sobbing, OK? Don't pick him up. (Adam begins his series of short, bossy, high-pitched shrieks.) Don't pick him up. Go down to his level, and say to him, "What do you want? Stop crying. I cannot hear you." (Title card reads, "Repeat steps until child is calm.")

Evelina: What do you want? (Adam screams.) What do you want? Adam? (Adam screams and tries burrowing into Evelina's lap.)

Jo: Get him off of you.

Adam: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! (Robert plugs his ears. Evelina stands up. Adam has her cornered in the kitchen, butting her shins with his head.) NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Evelina: Oh, my gosh!

Jo: This is the bigger picture. You are now teaching him, if he wants to talk to you, and he wants to cuddle you, then he has to stop screaming to do that.

Jo (interview): Adam was totally shocked at Mom's behavior.

Montage of Adam ramming into Evelina, jumping up and screaming at her, and chasing her through the house.

Jo (to Evelina): Walk away.

Adam continues to scream and riot. Robert and Evelina look on in dismay. Jo takes Evelina by the hands.

Jo: When he comes up to you again, you go back down. OK? You go back down.


Jo (interview): After 45 minutes, Adam started to calm down.

Evelina: Look at Mommy. Look at me. (Title card reads, "45 minutes later.")

Adam (sobbing a little): Want peanut butter!

Jo: Peanut butter, yes.

Evelina: You want a peanut butter sandwich?

Adam: Yeah!

Evelina: Ask me for one. No crying! (Adam continues to whine and sob.)

Jo: Don't laugh. It's not funny.

Evelina: I'm just-- I'm almost crying, I can't handle his face!

Evelina (interview, over montage of dramatic crying scenes): It's heartbreaking, like someone got my heart and just mashed it up and threw it out. I was about to give up.

Evelina (to Adam, in kitchen): Mommy wants to give you hugs and kisses, OK? But not when you're screaming. Not when you're crying. OK.

Adam: Thank you. Thank you.

Jo: That's it. "No more crying."

Adam: Thank you. M-hm.

Jo: "No more crying."

Finally calm, Adam silently gives Evelina a hug.

Evelina (interview): I don't like seeing him like that. It just breaks my heart. I was shocked that it actually worked.

Sitting on the floor with Evelina in the kitchen, Jo smiles at the sight of mother and son hugging.

Jo (interview): Adam needs to be weaned off of his mother. For Evelina needs to be weaned off of Adam, too.

Robert (interview): It was just best described as a kid going through an exorcism. And it worked! I was lost for words like I am now. Um, wow.


On the living room couch, Jo glances up at the Family Routine, then laughs.


Jo (interview): Robert put white tape over the Family Routine, and he rubbed out "Dad Chores."

Jo (looking at Family Routine): Whazzat? (Starts removing tape from the poster) No no no no no, Robert! Get real.

Robert sits on the couch, looking disappointed.

Jo (to Robert): I am going to teach you how to fold clothes, how to put a Hoover over the house, and how to go food shopping with Adam, on your own. 

Robert (interview): I think she punished me as a result and sent me to a supermarket!

Evelina and Jo sit at the kitchen table. Evelina writes up a shopping list. Robert glances at the list then walks away in disgust.

Evelina (still writing): I think I might need you to get me some detergent.

Jo and Evelina start laughing, then share a high-five.

Evelina: He is not liking this!

Robert (interview): I've gone to the supermarket, don't get me wrong...But never with Adam.

Jo (interview, as Robert leads Adam away from the kitchen table): And Mom shouldn't be responsible for Adam the whole time.

Evelina (as Robert and Adam leave the house and get into the car): I love you, goodbye!

Montage of Robert and Adam arriving at the store and walking through it. 

Jo (interview): I taught Dad the Involvement technique with Adam. And that is, to make it fun!

Jo (to Robert as he looks at the shopping list): So this is where you want to use the Involvement technique. Get him involved in the chore that you have to do. 

Title card reads, "Involvement Technique." Robert kneels next to Adam as he opens a freezer case. 

Jo: Give him some of the bags, let him put the vegetables or the fruit in, whatever you need, to him, put it in the basket and get him involved, so he doesn't start wandering off. 

Title card reads, "Step 1: Give child tasks to keep busy." Jo points out items to get off the list.

Robert: Oh, Lord, this is crazy!

In the produce section, Robert gets a bag and starts putting vegetables in it.

Robert (interview): Towards the middle of it, I had a little anxiety attack. 

Robert (as Adam walks away): Adam, come here.

Robert (interview): Some of the aisles were small, and Adam started to grab for things.

At the meat counter, Robert carries Adam on his hip and wipes his brow with his free arm. 

Robert: This is killing me! 

Jo laughs. Shopping continues.


Jo (to camera): The shopping's going really well. Dad's definitely breaking a sweat, but Adam's behaving really well.

At the meat counter, Adam reaches over and picks up a bag off the counter.

Jo (to Robert): Ah, lots of praise, keep up the praise. 

Robert (to Adam in a different aisle): Good boy!

Robert (interview): It took some doing on my part.

Robert (to Adam): Thank you!

The trip is almost over.

Robert: I'll buy him a lollipop. 

Jo looks on as Robert and Adam exit the candy aisle. Title card reads, "Step 2 - Reward child for good behavior."

Robert (to Adam): That's for you, OK? For helping me. 

Robert (interview): I can't say it was fun. But I got through it. 

Robert loads the car and they drive home. Adam starts consuming his green lollipop. In the driveway at home, Robert wipes his brow again.

Robert: I think I can pull it off, it wasn't that hard.

Jo: I thought you just did pull it off! Nothing about "I think," you just did pull it off! You did well!

Robert: All right. 

Announcer: Coming up, on Supernanny: Evelina breaks down. And Robert reports for household duty. When Supernanny returns. 



The sun is setting. Jo sits in the living room with Robert and Evelina.

Jo: Sleep in this household has been a major problem. 

Evelina nods in agreement. NIght-vision footage of Adam trying to get back into the master bed plays.

Jo (interview): The next thing to tackle is keeping Adam out of Mom and Dad's bed. 

Evelina (interview): For years, I've had him right next to me, and now-- It's going to take a long time for me to get used to.

Jo (interview): In the evening, I sat Mom and Dad down, and explained to them the Sleep in Your Own Bed technique. 

Jo: What we're establishing is two things: One, that Adam feels comfortable in his own crib. And the second, is that if he comes out, that he goes straight back into his crib 'cause that's where he sleeps.

Jo (interview): The technique is, take Adam into his bedroom. Keep everything nice and calm, read him a lovely bedtime story...

Jo observes Evelina reading Goodnight Moon to Adam. Title card reads, "Stay in Bed Technique - Step 1: Make bedtime calm and soothing."

Jo (whispering to camera): He likes the story.

Jo (interview): And then, kisses and cuddles, and then place Adam in his crib.

Evelina picks Adam up and takes him into his bedroom. Adam cries as she puts him into the crib. Title card reads, "Step 2: Place child in bed, kiss goodnight." NIght-vision footage of Evelina tucking Adam into the crib.

Jo (interview): Instead of walking out of the room, move a short distance away from the crib.

Adam yells and protests at Evelina from his crib. Evelina tries to comfort Adam. Jo shakes her head and waves Evelina away.

Jo: Walk away and sit down.

Evelina backs away from the crib and sits on the floor near the bedroom door.

Jo (interview, over footage of Jo instructing Evelina): And sit down on the floor and put your head down. This way, Adam can be secure in knowing Mom is still in the room.


Jo (as Adam screams and stands in the crib): Sit down right by the chest. Put your head down. (Title card reads, "Step 3: Sit on floor, no eye contact.")

Jo (interview): If Adam got down from the crib, Mom was then to place him straight back and say, "It's bedtime."

Adam jumps down from his crib and marches up to Evelina. He yells and cries in her face. Title card reads, "Step 4: Return child to bed, say goodnight."

Jo: Put him right to bed. It's all right, Evelina. It's all right, Evelina.

Night-vision footage of Evelina putting Adam back in bed. Evelina returns to her seat on the floor. Adam jumps back down and throws himself violently into Evelina's arms. He screams and sobs. Title card reads, "2nd time out of bed."

Jo: So what, Evelina? So what, Evelina? So what. Straight back in bed. Straight back up. Straight back up. Straight into bed, darling.

Evelina strokes Adam's head a few times then picks him up and puts him back in bed.

Jo (interview): If he gets out of the bed again, say nothing. But place him straight back into the crib.

Night-vision footage of Evelina returning Adam to his crib. Title card reads, "Step 5: Return child to bed, no more conversation." Evelina sits back on the floor. Adam cries in protest, but more weakly than before.

Jo: Head down, you're doing it good. Doing good. (Adam starts screaming continuously.)


Evelina (interview): After a while, I just began to cry. (Footage of Evelina as she sits on the floor, and buries her face in her hands.) How can I listen to my baby cry for me? And not do anything about it?

Jo: Down.


Jo: Head down.

Adam jumps out of his crib and marches back to Evelina. He dramatically lies face down on the floor in front of her, continuing to scream.

Jo (interview): I told Evelina, that no matter what, you have to keep putting him back into bed. No matter how many times it takes.

Robert peeks around the corner as Evelina puts Adam back into his crib.

Evelina (interview): It was very draining, to have to get up, and put him back. Get up, and put him back.

Continued footage of Evelina putting Adam back into bed. Title card reads, "4th time out of bed," followed by "7th time out of bed" and "13th time out of bed."

Evelina (interview): But emotionally, it hurt 100 times worse. 

Title card reads, "18th time out of bed." The struggle continues with Adam screaming and angrily launching himself at Evelina.

Jo (interview): He started to throw himself on Mom, pulled her hair, pinched her neck...

Evelina cries as she massages the marks on her neck. Title card reads "21st time out of bed," then "25th time out of bed" and "26th time out of bed." Adam lunges at Evelina, almost knocking her over.

Jo (interview): It was physically hurting Evelina. 

Adam tackles Evelina with a loud scream. Robert, in the hallway, rests his head on the wall in frustration. Evelina carries Adam back to his crib.

Evelina: No pulling Mommy's hair. 

Evelina (interview): I believe it took a little over an hour. Before he finally wore himself out. 

Title card reads, "Final step: Wait until child falls asleep." Adam sobs loudly in bed. Robert sits in the living room, listening. He looks at his watch. Jo and Evelina sit on the bedroom floor, ignoring Adam as he cries in his crib. 

Jo (whispering): Keep your head down.

Adam quiets down. In the living room, Robert glances up at the camera with a shrug and a thumbs up. Footage of a quiet bedroom with a sleeping Adam in his crib. 


Evelina (interview): When Jo and I left the room, Jo was excited. She was happy for me. (In the hallway, Jo and Evelina hug.) I didn't feel good about myself. 

Evelina calms down in the kitchen. 

Jo: You have showed [sic] amazing strength, and you should be proud of that.

Evelina: Tomorrow I'll probably feel a little bit more excited about it, but right now I'm just...Just in pieces. (Jo nods.)

Robert pulls his weight

The sun rises. Jo and the family gather around the Family Routine.

Jo: It's the weekend! And that means it's Mr. Mom time! (Robert shakes his head.) Oh yes! And Mom-- Go and put your feet up. And enjoy your morning.

Footage of Robert washing dishes. Adam sits on the counter watching him as Jo also looks on.

Jo: Look, look at Daddy. Daddy's doing the washing up.

Evelina folds laundry in the bedroom. Jo looks baffled.

Jo: What's this? This isn't like putting your feet up! (Jo leans across the bed and gathers all the laundry. Evelina laughs.) Gonna take all of this...Think of three things that meant it wasn't due to house or children or Robert. 

Evelina (raising an eyebrow): I don't know!

Jo (interview): Mom refused to take a break. So I kicked her out of the house. And told her to go and take a walk. 


Sultry jazz music plays as Evelina walks down the sunny sidewalk. In the kitchen, Robert scrubs the stovetop.

Robert: Wanna help, Meya?

Meya: Yeah!

Robert: All right, good. Go ask Mom if she wants to help.

Meya: Mom's not here.

More sultry jazz music as Evelina crosses the street. Jo looks on as Robert folds laundry.

Robert: How do I fold these?

Jo: Let's do that first....

Robert: Stay over here where I can watch you, Adam.

In the living room, Adam plays with a puzzle on the floor. Jo shows Robert how to fold shirts.

Jo: Take one sleeve. Bring it over, then down. Voila!

Evelina continues to walk down the street to sultry jazz music. The children gather around her as she enters the living room.

Evelina: Miss me? Got you guys a snack. 

Adam: Want snack!

Jo: And uh, look at your oven. 

Evelina: Oh, wow. (Leans over the stovetop) I think I can see my reflection. (Jo and Evelina laugh.) 


Jo: Give Dad some praise. 'Cause it wasn't easy for his first day, and he broke out a hard sweat! 

Evelina: Oh, no! No, I can see.

Jo: He's done really well. 

A vacuum cleaner suddenly roars. Jo looks toward the sound in confusion. Footage of Robert attacking the living and dining rooms and hallway with the vacuum cleaner.

Robert (interview): Before Jo got here, I knew what I was doing. What little I was doing. But I was getting away with it, and it looks like now, I'm not. (Chuckles) 

Teaching ends

Jo (interview): I'm gonna leave the family for a few days, because they need to be able to get on without me around.

Jo sits on the living room sofa with Evelina and Robert. Evelina laughs.

Evelina: No, don't go!

Jo: Keep with the Off-the-Hip technique. Dad, you managed to go to the supermarket quite nicely. Like to see you do it again. 

Robert (interview): My biggest fear is that everything will fall apart and maybe go back to the way it was. 

Jo hugs the children goodbye.

Demetrius: Wish you didn't have to go. 

Jo (laughing, dismayed): No!

Evelina and Jo hug. Jo waves goodbye to the family and exits through the front door. 

Jo (interview): Evelina and Robert have definitely still got challenges to face. I really can't wait to see how they get on without me. But I am gonna be watching them. 

Jo enters the taxi and drives away. 

Announcer: Coming up, on Supernanny: Robert steps up at bedtime. While Evelina struggles to get it right. And Jo returns with kudos and criticism. When Supernanny returns. 

Family Test Run


Jo (interview): I left the Gorbea Family for a couple of days, so that they can try the techniques on their own. But I am gonna be watching them.

Jo enters the undisclosed living room and sits down on the brown sofa with her DVD remote, and turns on the DVD. 

Robert succeeds

Robert: Come on. Come and help me, Adam. 

Demetrius and Meya sit at the dining table while Adam lies on the floor. Footage of Robert and Adam in the kitchen, washing dishes.

Robert (interview): Jo has opened my eyes and made me step up a little bit. And either I have to conform, or there's gonna be some friction between Evelina and I.

Robert and Evelina chat in the hallway.

Robert: I did the dishes.

Evelina: Well, wait a minute! Did you do the dishes on your own?

Robert: That's right!

Evelina: Wow! He's learning!

Footage of Robert with all three kids at the supermarket.

Jo (with two thumbs up): That's fantastic!

The kids sit at the dining table.

Robert: He dizzit [?]

Jo: Yes! 

The family eats dinner together. Robert gives Meya a ride on his shoulders.

Meya: Come on!

Jo: What a turnaround!

Robert gets Adam ready for bed.

Robert (interview): I gave Adam a bath. Read him a story. 

Robert turns off the lights to Adam's room and places Adam into his crib.

Robert: Come on, let's go to bed.

Jo: Right, it's Dad's turn to put Adam to bed. Let's see how he gets on.

Night-vision footage of Robert putting Adam to bed.

Robert (kissing Adam goodnight): Mwah! Love you. 

Adam: Love you.

Robert settles down on the floor.

Adam: What are you doing, Dad?

Robert: Bedtime.

Adam: OK.

Robert (to camera, as he sits in living room): I sat there for seven minutes. After 10 minutes he decided to sleep. I actually felt good, like I really accomplished something.

Jo: Good for Robert! Way to go!

Evelina fails

The sun rises. Adam clings to Evelina. They sit on the bed. Evelina has her hair up in a towel, as if she just got out of the shower.

Adam: No.

Evelina: Come on, let Mommy go. I need to get ready for work.

Jo: Come on, Mom. Deal with that clinginess! Get him off of you...

Evelina carries Adam out of the bedroom.

Jo: Come on, Evelina. Create some space!

Adam clings to Evelina's legs as she putters in the kitchen.

Evelina: Come on, I don't have time to fight with you!

Evelina (interview): It was very hard. Just because I tend to give in to Adam when I respond to him. 

Adam sobs outside the bathroom door. Evelina opens the door. Adam clings to her legs.

Evelina: Hey. Hey.

Jo: Use the Off-the-Hip technique!


In the dining room, Adam jumps up and down, begging to be picked up.

Jo: Come down to his level...

Evelina stands there, looking up at the ceiling as Adam clings to her.

Adam: No! No!

Evelina (interview): Emotionally, it's been difficult. I didn't know it would be this hard.

Adam kneels and sobs in front of Evelina in the living room.

Adam: No! 

Evelina (interview): When Adam's clinging to me, I'm wondering why it's so hard for me to break the cycle.

Adam sobs and leans on Evelina's legs while she listens to her phone.

Evelina: Adam. Stop.

Robert: Go down.

Evelina: Stop!

Robert: To his level.  

Jo: That's right, Robert. Come down to his level.

Evelina: He wants dinner, and dinner's not ready.

Robert: Tell him it's on its way.

Evelina: I can-- I can make him something.

Jo: Oh, boy. We're gonna have to work on this. 


Evelina: Adam, it's bedtime. 

Adam: Want kiss!

Evelina: Gimme a hug. 

Jo: OK, Mom's putting Adam to bed. 

Meya: Give nosies. Nosies! (She and Adam rub noses.)

Robert: Bye, Adam. See you tomorrow. 

In the bedroom, the struggle between Adam and Evelina begins. 

Evelina: No, that's where Mommy sits. No pinching. 

Jo: Why are you talking to him? 

Evelina (leaning over Adam in his crib): Just loves, OK? 

Adam cries loudly. Robert listens from the living room, concerned. Evelina sits on the floor. Title card reads, "5th time out of bed," then "8th time out of bed." Adam gets out of bed and launches himself at Evelina. 

Evelina: Adam needs to go to sleep now. 

Adam: No! 

Jo: Stop talking to him! 

Evelina holds Adam in her arms as they sit on the floor. She strokes his hair. 

Evelina: Adam needs to go to sleep. 

Jo: You're just not following any of the steps with the sleeping technique. 

Robert heads toward the bedroom. Title card reads, "17th time out of bed." 

Robert: Evelina. 

Evelina: Yeah? 

Robert: Evelina, you want me to try? 

Evelina (returning Adam to crib): It's just all backfiring. 

Robert (in hallway, to camera): She's just screwing it all up! 'Cause she just keeps talking with him, she should have had silence the whole time. 

Jo: Absolutely right, Robert. 


Adam walks up to Evelina. Title card reads, "24th time out of bed." 

Adam: This-- 

Evelina: OK, sleep tight. It's bedtime. Time to go to bed. 

She puts Adam back in his crib. Adam cries. 

Evelina: Hey! 

Robert (to camera, in hallway): She's been in there almost an hour now. She just needs to stay quiet. 

Title card reads, "27th time out of bed," then "38th time out of bed." Evelina keeps putting Adam back in bed. 

Evelina: Bedtime. 

Adam: No! 

Title card reads, "39th time out of bed." 

Evelina: Bedtime. 

Jo shakes her head at what she is seeing on the TV. Evelina sits on the floor. Adam stays in the bed. The clock reads a quarter till nine. Evelina creeps toward the crib to see if Adam is sleeping. In the living room, Robert has fallen asleep in his chair.  

Evelina (whispering to camera): This is crazy. This is crazy!  

Jo: Oh, Evelina. What'd you expect? You've brought this all on yourself.  

Parent Evaluation

The next day, the taxi returns to the Gorbea Family home.

Jo: Hiya!

Robert and Evelina: Hi.

Jo closes the front door behind her.

Jo: How are you?

Evelina: Good, how are you?

Jo: Good, very well, thank you.

Jo (interview): I really love bringing in the DVD.

Jo: I've been having a look at some footage, and I would like to show you it.

Jo (interview): Because it shows the parents exactly where they've gone wrong.

Robert, Evelina and Jo sit at the dining table. Jo turns on the DVD player.

Jo: Let's take a look at this footage whilst I've been away.

Jo beams as they watch footage of Robert taking kids to the supermarket and washing dishes. Evelina looks sideways at Jo and laughs.

Jo: Whoo-hoo! Mr. Mom. Look at this! Getting Adam involved, give me five!

Robert and Jo high-five across the table.

Jo: Fantastic. Love it.

Jo turns the DVD player back on. Footage of Evelina in the living room with Adam and Meya.

Evelina: I'm going to put your wipes away. Move.

Adam: No! Mom!!! No, no, no!

Adam jumps up and down in front of her, arms raised to be picked up. DIfferent footage of Evelina standing in living room with a towel on her head while Adam continues the same routine.


Adam: No!

Evelina: Adam, come on...Mama doesn't have time to fight with you!

Jo pauses the DVD player.

Jo: You've gone back to square one. You've got him clinging, 'cause what he wants to do is to stay stuck to you, like a koala bear!

Evelina: Yeah...

Jo: Remember the Off-the-Hip technique! Go down. Level. Eye contact. Talking to him. Create space. Come back up again, remove him from the situation. This is all part of the process of separating from Adam, Adam separating to [sic] you.

Evelina: OK.

Jo resumes the DVD footage. Adam cries and protests being put in his crib.

Adam (crying): No!

Evelina (as she watches DVD): I hate it when he cries "No"!

Jo (pausing DVD player): What is happening here?

Evelina: I was just taking my time with it, I--

Jo: Why?

Evelina: Because it's just still so hard.

Jo: You're still struggling--

Evelina: Yes.

Jo: --with your own emotional needs...

Evelina: I am.

Jo: ...from Adam. What you're actually doing is, is you're undermining the technique.

Evelina: Yeah.

Jo: Of the sleep routine. It's no talking, no eye contact, and put him straight back to bed! We are moving forward.

Evelina: OK.

Jo: So, I'm gonna be here today to carry on and give you support so are we ready for more hard work?

Evelina: Absolutely.

Jo: Right, OK. So let's get to it!


Robert (interview): I think Evelina's had a bit of a hard time letting go of Adam. She has a whole lot of work to do.

Silent footage of Evelina on the living room floor with Meya and Adam. Meya lies on the floor, letting Adam sit on top of her. Evelina tries to get Adam off his sister.

Evelina (interview): What we have learned so far has been challenging and difficult. It's really up to me to really want things to change.

Evelina and Meya face each other on the living floor. Meya laughs as Evelina tickles her.

Announcer: Coming up, on Supernanny: Evelina's uphill battle continues. And the clock is ticking until Jo's gone for good. When Supernanny returns.


Jo (interview): On my return day with the family, I like to help them correct the mistakes and then to build them the success I see. In the afternoon, Adam became very clingy with Mom, so I felt that it was necessary to go through the Off-the-Hip technique again with her.

Evelina stands by the open front door. Adam clings to her ankles, not letting her leave the house.

Adam (crying): No!

Jo: Evelina. Come down to him, Evelina.

Evelina detaches Adam from her ankles and gets down to Adam's level.

Evelina: Let go. Hey, hey. Stand up. What's the matter?

Jo (interview): Mom is still struggling with trying to get Adam off of her.

Jo: Use your-- Use your voice, Evelina. "No, do not pull Mommy's hair. It hurts."

Evelina: Don't pull my hair.

Evelina (interview): I don't know why it's so hard for me! I really don't. It's something so simple. And it's just, "Here, Adam, you stay there." Why is it so hard for me?

Jo continues to observe and coach while Evelina works through the technique with Adam. He yells and cries, drowning out both Jo and Evelina.


Jo: Go straight into the hip technique with him. Come down, lower your tone, tell him where you're going.

Evelina: You wanna hug? You wanna hug?

Adam (sobbing): Yeah!

Evelina: Stop crying. Stop crying. Look at me. Do not pull my hair.

Close-up of Adam screaming and crying in Evelina's face. Evelina gets up.

Jo: Right, tell him he can follow you if he wants to. Keep talking to him.

Evelina: Come on, you can come with me. Wanna come with me?

Jo follows Evelina and Adam into the kitchen.

Jo (interview): I could see that Evelina was really struggling with using an authoritive [sic] voice to try to discipline Adam.

Earlier footage of Evelina on the phone while Adam screams and raises his arms to be picked up.

Evelina (in a non-authoritative voice): Adam, stop.

Jo (interview): So I took her aside and we started to work on improving her voice control.


In the master bedroom, Jo and Evelina stand in front of the dresser mirror. Jo dramatically coughs.

Jo: Ahem! Clear your throat. I want you turn around in a low voice, authoritive [sic], and go, "No, stop that!"

Evelina and Jo now hold hands facing each other in front of the mirror.

Evelina: "No, stop that."

Jo: "I mean that."

Evelina: "I mean that."

Jo: "This is your warning."

Evelina: "This is your warning."

Jo: "No."

Evelina: "No."

Jo: Right. OK. Project the voice. "No."

Evelina: "No."

Jo: Whoa! (Laughs)

Evelina: No.

Jo: Right, yes.

Evelina: NO!

Jo: Good. Good!

Evelina: NO!

Jo: Good! (Chortles) Hey, yes!

Jo puts her arm around Evelina's shoulders, and they both laugh.

Evelina: I did it, we can do it again!

Jo (interview): Evelina has really come a long way. She's started to catch on. She's calmer now and much more patient.

In the kitchen, Adam sobs in Evelina's face.

Evelina: OK, stop crying. Are you ready to get in your big boy chair and eat dinner? You wanna eat?

Adam: Yeah!

Evelina: OK, let's go. Let's go in your big boy chair so you can eat.

Jo: OK, Mama's gonna get plates.

Evelina: It's OK, Mommy's going to get you over here in the--

Evelina (interview): I have more confidence in myself and now I'm understanding how necessary it is that I create a space between Adam and myself. 

In the dining room, Adam clings to Evelina's ankles.


Evelina: Let go of Mommy. (Adam lets go.) Good job. 

Jo (interview): Since Adam isn't getting all the attention, Demetrius and Meya are now getting to spend more quality time with their parents. 

Dinner peacefully occurs. Robert and Meya play foosball in a never-before-seen rec room. Evelina and Demetrius use the computer together.

Evelina (interview): Now I can spend more time with my older kids. Demetrius and Meya deserve that attention from us.

Evelina does Meya's hair. Robert and Demetrius read a paper together.

Demetrius (interview): It's really nice because I get to spend more time with my mom and dad. 

Meya helps Evelina in the kitchen.

Evelina: Here you go.

Meya (taking container from Evelina): This is Daddy's water.

Evelina: M-hm.

Meya (interview): I begin to get my mom back from the mom hogger. 

Evelina hugs Meya goodnight in her bed.

Evelina (interview): I think things are already showing a change, and an improvement.


Robert and Adam look at a book together.

Adam: What is this?

Robert points to something in the book.

Jo (interview): Robert had successfully done the first stage in the Sleep in Your Own Bed technique. So now it was time for him to move onto the second stage. The only difference is, your child is now comfortable and secure in their crib. So you can now separate yourself from your child, and go into a separate room.

Robert puts Adam to bed, then follows Jo out into the living room. Night-vision footage of Adam climbing out of his crib as a title card reads, "1st time out of bed." Jo (interview): If Adam gets out of his crib, he's to take him back into his bedroom, and walk back out again.

Robert walks Adam back to his crib, then returns to the living room with Jo.

Jo (interview): Every time Adam comes back out of his bedroom, he repeats the procedure.

Adam enters the living room. Title card reads, "2nd time out of bed." Robert jogs back into the bedroom with Adam and puts him back to bed. Adam cries a bit.

Jo (interview): And as Adam came out of his room....

Title card reads "3rd time out of bed." Adam wanders back toward the living room, sobbing. Robert hops up and attends to Adam. Night-vision footage of Adam back in his crib.

Jo (interview): ...Dad put him back. We sat there, Adam came out--


Adam runs down the hallway sobbing while Robert chases him down. Title card reads, "4th time out of bed." Robert picks Adam up and returns him to bed.

Jo (interview): --And Dad put him back. Robert has really got a hold of the sleep technique!

Robert returns Adam to bed again. Title card reads, "5th time out of bed." Jo and Robert wait in the living room for sounds of Adam coming back out. Nothing happens. Robert peeks into Adam's room. Adam is asleep. Robert returns to the living room. Jo and Robert share a high-five.

Jo (laughing): Hey! 

Robert and Jo hug.

Jo says goodbye


The sun rises on the Gorbea Family home.

Jo: I've got to go! Demetrius-- Bye, darling. (Kisses Demetrius) You take care, OK?

Demetrius: M-hm.

Demetrius (interview): Jo gave us lots of help. I'm going to miss her. 


Jo: Meya, take care, darling. OK? (Kisses Meya) 

Meya (interview): I like Jo...(Spreads arms wide) That much! 

Jo kneels on the floor, facing Adam.

Jo: You gonna be a good boy?

Adam: Yeah.

Jo: Good! You listen to Mommy and Daddy, OK?

Adam: OK. 

Jo: Bye-bye, darling.

Adam: Bye.

Jo: Robert: You've gone from caveman to modern man. (Robert and Evelina laugh) Totally impressed! Give us a hug.

Robert: Thank you so much. (They hug.)

Jo: Take care, OK?

Robert: We appreciate you so much.

Jo: You're more than welcome. Evelina-- You give me a hug, you! (They hug.)

Evelina: Thank you for everything. 

Jo:  You're welcome.

Evelina: Thank you so much. 


Jo exits the house.

All: Bye, Jo! 

Jo: Bye!

Adam: Bye, Jo-Jo!

Jo: Bye, bye!

Jo (interview): They're a genuine family who really needed help. And it's a wonderful feeling to be able to walk away and know that you've helped make a difference.

Family Update

Robert and Adam play with a remote contol car outside.


Robert (interview): It's amazing just how mild-mannered Adam is now, compared to before Jo got here. He's a completely different kid. 

Evelina smiles as she watches Robert and Adam play together. Inside, Demetrius and Meya laugh as they play on the computer together. 

Evelina (interview): Demetrius and Meya are just blown away at how much Adam's behavior has changed. He can scream so loud. We haven't heard that for days now. Days.

Robert (interview): I'm grateful to Jo for opening my eyes on spending more time with the kids. 

Footage of Robert playing with each of the kids. Adam helps Robert wash the family car. Robert and Demetrius sit on the couch, as Robert reads what appears to be a schoolwork from Demetrius.


Robert (interview): Actually is a pleasant thing.

Robert helps Evelina in the kitchen, and rakes leaves outside.

Evelina (interview): Before all of this, Robert and I-- Our relationship really was deteriorating. And I was losing patience very quickly. And now, there's just so much change in Robert that I see. It saved our relationship.

The family walks and rides bikes together down the sidewalk.

Robert (interview): There's been big changes in Evelina. I'd say as if Jo armed her with some knowledge and it made her happier. And in return, she makes me happy. 


Smiling close-ups of each family member as they sit happily together on the front porch.

Evelina (interview): My family has changed tremendously. It's just brought a new sunshine in our lives. I mean, I can't even put it all into words. We've been given another chance. 

Announcer: If your family needs Supernanny's help, apply online at 

Closing Credits

Jo pulls Robert's white tape off the Family Schedule. 

Jo: You know what? I think you've had more than enough time to get away with what you've been getting away with. And now you've got to pull your weight.

Robert: You-- You came over here, and--

Jo: And what?

Robert: You exposed me! 

Jo laughs heartily as Robert stands back and puts one hand to his forehead in exasperation

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