Jo meets the Gorbeas: Robert (34), a service technician and Evelina (26), who works at the same phone company as Robert, have two well-behaved older children, Demetrius and Meya. The older children are missing out because of their demanding two-year old brother, Adam, who clings to his mother like a koala bear.  

Robert lets Evelina do all the housework and is happy to stay on the sidelines. Meanwhile, Evelina seems torn between keeping Adam as her little baby and wanting freedom from the toddler's tyrannical ways.  

Can Jo help the Gorbeas even out the responsibilities at home, let little Adam grow up, and give Meya and Demetrius the peace and attention they deserve?

Family members

Robert Gorbea

Evelina Gorbea

Demetrius Gorbea, 9

Meya Gorbea, 8

Adam Gorbea, 2

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