Episode summaryEdit

Jo visits the Goins family where Jay (30) and Karolee (29) have three children: 6-year-old Khalin, 5-year-old Kolben and 2-year-old Kadance.

Khalin is the biggest problem for the parents to handle. He was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. He acts aggressively towards his parents, siblings and has a hard time behaving at school and doing his homework.

Kolben and Kadance are both picking their big brother's bad behavior. In addition, the kids are starting to snack more often than eating their actual dinner and mom has no idea how to control her children, or Khalin with his ADHD.

Meanwhile, father Jay spends more time resting after his job rather than helping his wife with their out of control kids. Mother Karolee needs Jo's help more than ever, since she's pregnant again and has no clue what to do. Can Jo help Karolee understand Khalin's ADHD? Can she help Jay get more involved in parenting, help get the kids under control, and relive his pregnant wife?

Video Edit

Full episode on YouTube

Family members Edit

Jay Goins, 30

Karolee Goins, 29

Khalin Goins, 6

Kolben Goins, 5

Kadance Goins, 2

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