Joey-Lynn : we have 5 daughters and 1 granddaughter

Joey-Lynn: Samantha is 19, Brooke is 16, Savannah is 10, Hailey is 6, Haidyn is a year and a half and our granddaughter Krissy is 2

Samantha: and we all live together

Joey-Lynn: I was 16 years old when I got Preagnant with Samantha

Joey-Lynn: my whole goal all these years was just to get Samantha through high school and to enjoy life and it backfired

Samantha: I got Preagnant with Krissy at 16 I had her when I was 17 I gave up cheerleading, I didn't go to school like I planned to after

Joey-Lynn: I never forget myself I'm 34 years old I'm gonna be a grandmother

Glenn: being a parent it's one of the most difficult things ever

Joey-Lynn: our granddaughter is actually older then our own daughter finding out I was a grandma it was the worst day of my life

Joey-Lynn: don't hit the baby's Legs

[Hailey Screaming]

Glenn: I'm a sisal director for a water company

Glenn: bye guys

Glenn: I'm at work for a lot of the day

Samantha: you're gonna stay right there

Samantha: I work 7 days a week

Samantha: bye I'll see you all later

Samantha: so I leave my daughter with my mom

Joey-Lynn: I'm a stay at home mom and grandmother and I'm here alone taking care of all the children

Joey-Lynn: don't bite

Joey-Lynn: its hectic it's hard it's stressful and overwhelmed

Joey-Lynn: oh but I can't carry two of you

[Krissy Crying]

Jo: tireing

Glenn: the constant fighting in this house

Joey-Lynn: Stop

Glenn: is an everyday or deal

Brooke: she has no right to

Glenn: why not?

Glenn: there's a lot of name calling

Joey-Lynn: he's not even yelling at her cause of that you idiot

Glenn: Teasing

Brooke: you're a ghetto

Hailey: you're a ghetto

Jo: everybody is seriously angry in this house

Glenn: it's mainly Samantha and Brooke


Samantha: mainly Brooke

Brooke: you are the biggest bitch ever

Glenn: they call each other from the b word to the f word

Joey-Lynn: can you just get along please

Sam and Brooke: NO!

Glenn: the verbal abuse is its in every sentence

Brooke: Shut the Hell

Sam: quit being a cry baby

Joey-Lynn: the little ones are watching and theyre doing the same thing


Jo: brilliant now everyone is fighting now

Joey-Lynn: listen to me Savannah. Savannah i mean it stop

Glenn: when it comes to discipline they don't take it seriously

Joey-Lynn: Get down

Savannah: no

Joey-Lynn: please

Joey-Lynn: I do let them get away with more then what they should

Brooke: just put them down

Joey-Lynn: they know how to play and push my buttons and to get what they want

Glenn: they allow it and it's on the hand

Savannah: stop hitting her

Joey-Lynn: DON'T

Glenn: they know that you can't discipline

Jo: how come there's no discipline? No following throw how are those kids meant to learn



Joey-Lynn: if this doesn't work we're all gonna loose it

Hailey: I wanna get away from all this evil

All 3: Supernanny we need you now!

Jo: you guys seriously need my help hold on I'm on my way before you all kill each other Jo arrives at the George's house Joey lynn Oh my goodness Jo Hi joey lynn Hi Jo please to meet you jo frost Joey lynn Im Joey lynn Come in Jo Thank you i was excited to meet jo Glenn he has stratin you guys up Joey lynn come and meet the family Jo and Joey lynn head to the kitchen Joey lynn We Have Guests Glenn \Hi im glenn nice to meet you and here we have a kid Samantha: Hi Im Samantha Hi. Jo: and You got a little one here? Samantha Replies. Samantha: yes this is krissy. Krissy say hi. jo: Hi how are you? Samantha laughs. Samantha. I was happy and nervous at the same time diddn't know what to respect.



Jo i have here is get the memo

JO The three parents how the time out works at snack time i had the opertunity to give samantha a proper warning to her little one krissy.

Krissy shut your mouth before I slap you

Samantha Hey! you don't say that OK?

Samantha When Jo explained to me when they break a rule.

Samantha Hey do you want me To Put you on the naughty spot on the stairs?

Teaching continues

Jo The next thing i want to do is the big relationship with brooke and


Jo i want bolth of you to give the oppertunity to Write a letter.

JO Writing Letters

End of teaching

Jo Im going away for a few days.