George Douglas (born 2000) is the twin brother of Nicole (aged 4) and only son of Doug and Sandra.

He had a tendency to kick and swear and be very aggressive. He lashed out Doug every single day and even Sandra. He was seen in timeout three times for hitting Nicole, lashing out at Sandra, and fighting his parents over getting changed. During his timeouts, he was seen throwing things around and lashing out. When Jo revisited, his behaviour had improved but was still having an attitude.

He is now 17 in 2017.


  • George's first appearance
  • George during the revisit, along with Sandra and Nicole.
  • What George looks like right now.
  • George refusing to get changed out of his uniform.
  • George getting bundled to his room.
  • George bitting his dad
  • George apologizing to his mum for lashing her out.
  • George upset.
  • George after when he hit Nicole.
  • George crying after when he hit Nicole Douglas.
  • George laughing at dinner time with Nicole.
  • George crying when his mum was reading Nicole's book instead of his.
  • George reading his book with his mum, and his sister.
  • George and his family having a blast at a ball pit.
  • George sleeping. Zzzz...
  • George hugging his dad.
  • Aw... How cute!
  • George in his pajamas.
  • George whimpering.
  • "F*** off!"
  • George being put to the Cool Down Area by his dad.
  • George with the bunny rabbit.
  • George practicing to catch the soccer ball.
  • George with his soccer team.
  • George with his camera.
  • George jumping in action.
  • George all grown up.


  • “F*** off!”
  • YOU b*****d!” (Arguing with Mum during family test run in the Cool Down Area)
  • "NO!"
  • ”I’m tired!”
  • ”I’m sorry!”