Frederick "Fred" Weston (born April 5, 1969) is the father of Andrew and Sean, and husband of Andrea.

An insurance salesman, he was a bit of a pushover like Andrea. He commented it was hard to have a stranger come in and tell them what to do. He also commented that he wanted to make sure he and Andrea changed their ways so that Sean wouldn't turn out the way Andrew did.

He was seldom seen in this episode, and gave the impression that he was not as engaged in parenting as Andrea. Andrea seemed to do all of the discipline, while Fred stood on the sidelines. When Andrew had his first full-blown tantrum during Teaching, he was completely absent except to walk in at the sounds of Andrew's screams to ask in a very anxious, almost judgmental manner what was going on.

However, by the end of the episode, we saw that Fred did engage in discipline and playtime. He put Andrew on the Naughty Spot once. He was also seen playing Memory with Andrew and his friend Molly, playing basketball with Andrew, and pretending to be on the Naughty Spot, which caused Andrew great laughter.

He was 35 at the time and is now 49 in 2018.

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