Francis Joseph "Frank" Minyon (born February 14, 1976) is the ex-husband to Danielle and father of Frank Patrick and Skyler.

He doted on his daughter, but felt he had nothing in common with his son. He also felt his son could be tougher and less whiny. When helping Frank Patrick with his homework, he became frustrated with his son's whining, and made the situation worse with negative language. He also sent Frank Patrick to the Naughty Chair for 7 minutes, for "giving [him] a hard time with homework, not correcting the A and for just being a whiny little brat." Jo let Frank know that this language was unacceptable and abusive, but he didn't seem to give an owl's hoot about it, and then became very defensive with Jo's advice.

He was 29 at time and is now 42 in 2018.

Now, Frank and Danielle are divorced and then they remarried as of 2016.


  • "And most of you're in time out is that you're such a little whiny brat! You're gonna break my chair, don't break my chair, Frank. You're being a little whiny brat Frank, over simple homework!"
  • "I know what's right and what's wrong. Just do your homework!"
  • "We are going to a bad spot with this whole homework thing because you can't!...."
  • "You write your A then you will sit on the naughty chair!"
  • "Dude, don't cry over writing a word this is ridiculous! You know what? Sit down! You heard what I said get over there!"
  • "Stop crying now! You sound ridiculous Frank! Shut your mouth!"
  • ”I don’t want to hear him whining..........he stopped it worked.”
  • "Shut your mouth and start doing your homework."
  • "Is that an A or a C or what letter is that? Fix it! I never seen an A that looks like a C. Start over."
  • "Frank start your homework now."
  • "Erase it, Frank!"
  • "Now you can get up and DON'T whine!"
  • "So, you continue to whine."