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Jo goes to Kissimmee, Florida where she visits the Fernandez family.

High-school sweethearts Jerald (31) and Marla (29) have three kids: 12-year-old Desiree, 5-year-old Elias and 3-year-old Eulisis (who goes by his nickname "Shorty"). The boys are acting out. Shorty throws tantrums by screaming, crying and aggression. Elias is defiant and he's picking up Shorty's explosive behavior.

Although Desiree doesn't act out as much as her brothers, she's starting to be noncompliant and her grades are getting lower.

Marla struggles to do it all while Jerald hardly helps out at all, putting their marriage on the rocks. Additionally, Marla gives empty threats to her children and is starting to vent all of her frustration on her children (especially Desiree) which is straining their relationship.

Can Jo prevent this marriage from falling apart and finally get some discipline in the house?

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in Teaching Part 1, Shorty was put in the Naughty Spot for 3 minutes and threw a violent temper tantrum.

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3yr Old Throws Epic Tantrum and Pees On Shop Floor (Observation) - Supernanny US YouTube channel

Screaming Child Gets Returned To 'Naughty Step' 67 Times! (Teaching) - Supernanny US YouTube channel

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'Supernanny' touches down in Kissimmee in Friday's episode - The Orlando Sentinel, 12/16/2010

A Very Bad Dad? The Supernanny Calls a Father 'Ignorant' and 'Pathetic' (VIDEO) - Huffington Post, 12/21/2010

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