Fanci Sachs (née Weissman) (born April 9, 1963) is the mum of Ryan and Jonathon and wife to Greg.

She works for a real estate company 50 to 60 hours a week. She dreaded leaving the house for work or anywhere else for fear of the tantrums and tears this would cause. Whenever the boys had a tantrum, whether at bedtime, mealtime, or on the street, she always gave in to her sons' demands. Instead of using disicipline, she offered apologies, treats and whatever the boys wanted to try and stop the meltdowns. She also felt they didn't have time during the week or weekends to get the apartment decluttered of all the toys she bought the boys on their daily toy store trips.

She had a lot of guilt about leaving the kids to go to work. The kids fed into this and had huge tantrums about it. Jo showed Fanci that when she left the house in a casual manner, as if it were normal and not something to get distressed about, that her boys were fine about her leaving.

Fanci also learned to carve out time to declutter and make it a fun activity for the boys.

She was 45 years old and now she is 55 in 2018.

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