Eulisis "Shorty" Fernandez (born January 31, 2007) is the youngest child of Marla and Jerald. He has an older sister Desiree, and an older brother Elias.

In the submission reel, his mother says that he is giving her gray hairs and throws temper tantrums. During Observation, he refused to wear shoes for a store outing, then peed on the floor during the store outing and had a massive tantrum as a result. During Teaching, he challenged all adults in this episode by refusing to stay in timeout an impressive 67 times.

He was 3 years old when Jo Frost visited his house in 2010 and is now 11 in 2018.


  • "I'll punch you in the face."
  • I'm gonna go pee on myself"
  • "I hate timeouts"