Erin Grace Matthews-Cooke (born March 26, 2001) is the youngest of Paul and Denise. She has two sisters, Meghan and Gabriella.

Erin was 4 years old when Jo came to help her family.

She was 6 years old when Jo last visited her. Erin was misbehaving like Meghann 2 years ago during the last show with Jo.

in 2016 Erin was the subject of an Irish Dancing based documentary series, "Jigs and Wigs".

Erin now lives with her dad Paul as of 2017.

She is now 17 in 2018.




  • ”Ha! Ha! You can’t have it!” (arguing with Gabriella on the steps during the UK version of the submission reel)
  • ”No I haven’t!.... Mum!” (After Meghann told her mum that Erin kicked her as Jo comes in through the door so she can observe the family)
  • ”You’re on me!” (during observation on the dreaded walk to school)
  • ”No, I want THAT key! See they HAVE TO GET FREE! I want the key!” (Submission reel 2 years later before Jo comes to revisit)
  • ”SIIIIT!” (Submission reel during revisit)
  • ”I DON’T WANT TO GO!” (as she was laying on the bed kicking in the revisit submission reel)
  • ”YOU did that wrong!” (During the dance performance on the revisit)
  • ”But I don’t want to fall!” (Before Meghann mum suggested that she could do the dance as a solo at the end)
  • ”Ohhhhhh!” (After mum’s suggestion during revisit)